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Continued Series

The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Twelve

Flicker briefly awoke to a dark environment. He closed his eyes, and some time passed before he opened them again. For all he knew, that time might have been a minute, five minutes, or an hour. Every sense was clouded by a thick haze. His sight was a blur. Only a few muffled sounds could manage to penetrate the blockage in his ear holes. And all he could feel was a dull, throbbing pain from the impact.

by blueys45
The Book of the Twelve:Part Four

IV-I. Mastermind, the Enigma

by herdygerdy
A Story of the Haunted Woods:Part Four

Alvideria nodded. “So we go to Samuel’s house, distract him, take some jars and open them, and then release the souls inside?”

by june_scarlet
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"The Book of the Twelve:Part Four " by herdygerdy
Not all of the Circle were known for their skills in magical combat. Mastermind, from the moment he first met Jahbal, proved his love of secrets and misdirection. He would use sleight of hand alongside his magical talents to entertain his friends, and barely a day went by when he did not have a new puzzle to pose the other Circle members. A master of hypnotism and suggestion, when the Great Empire was founded he used his talents to bring peace to other factions in the world that might otherwise have attacked the fledgling nation.

Other Stories


Usuki Frenzy
She said she was the biggest Usuki collector of all Neopia. I had my doubts; I am a skeptical person. I am not a fan of Usukis either. As a Blumaroo, I would rather collect springy things, since they match myself better.

by mimiweasley


A Space-Station Ghost Hunting Adventure
Life wasn't so bad on the Virtupets Space Station.

by jasper_eden


Top Ten Kiko Lake Treats - Kiko Taffy Edition
Kiko Lake Treats is well-known for their scrumptious, pretty, cute and weird combination of flavor treats. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not delicious. From stick lolly to rock sticks or slices, fudge and so on, all of them is made to perfection following the recipes that have been with the shop owner for generations.

by xlorally


I Got Packrat! Now What?
Ah, the Packrat avatar. It’s only awarded to those users who manage the task of collecting one thousand unique items in their Safety Deposit Box (SDB) - no easy feat. But at last, you’ve done it, and the avatar is yours to keep!

by chocolate_fudge7


The Treasure hunter
Treasure hunter..sounds cool, right?

by o_mermaid_princess_o


Chilly Adventure
of course not silly

Also by josesquats

by dianalovee

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