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Continued Series

The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Four

The shock waves that the earth faerie created were felt even by Jacenty and Halloy within the robot. But while the cave outside went dark, the control room remained well-lit.

by blueys45
Varanna:Part Two

Percet gazed around his home and sighed with contentment. Everything was packed, donated, or given away and he was ready to move on to his next adventure.

by karlynne1964
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"The Pteri who did not know how to fly" by fluffalspike
Once upon a time in Meridell, there was a tree; not too tall, not too short, with foliage as green as a fir that swayed in the wind like the softness of a Carmariller's wings-beating and strong branches as resilient as a Turdle. Now this story is not just about the tree itself, but what was about to happen in it. Something so incredible and beautiful that would change the course of the beings who lived there. On the fifth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short, lived a Pteri named Becky. She was as blue as the cleanest sky. Becky loved to fly. For her, flying was the same thing as not feeling trapped anywhere and that was the purest state of freedom. She liked to stay in the clouds, but Becky knew she had responsibilities on the mainland or rather the "firm twig." On that branch, the fifth branch of the tree, not too tall, not too short, there was a nest. Becky was taking care of two eggs, her greatest pride and joy.

Other Stories


A Trek With Team Lost Cause 2: Coltzan's Curse
A follow-up to last year's story to help get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Altador Cup! Go LD!

by mimitchi880


The Old Rules
The faerie watches her knowingly. They both know she is lying.

by candyplague


Double or Nothing: Is the Coin Flip Legit?
“Fancy a game of chance?” he drawls, beckoning you closer. You glance over, intrigued. You came to Meridell Castle to flub some jokes for King Skarl.

by lithoxide


Believe or Deceive?
Cheat! Champion Kalora joins us today in honour of Kau Day to celebrate and discuss her excellence at Cheat!, the neopets she faces on a daily basis, and some tricks to pick up those pesky cheaters and win a couple of games.

by coerces


Sketchy - Feeling Competitive
Feeling Too Competitive...

by lennifer_jennifer2


Captchas Anyone?
I mean I guess..

by marsbarss

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