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Continued Series

The Greatest Show on Earth:Part Five

“Five minutes to show time!”

by unfogging
Laurel:Part Six

What a bumpy ride, the transport shook as it landed on Virtupets Space Station. What a stuffy and strange place. Laurel entered the Grundo Warehouse.

also by beckykbrooks

by applefaerie99

The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Party Two

At first, it was a distant sound that could do nothing but merely stir the shadow Korbat for a moment. But no sooner had he drifted back into his slumber did he realize that the noise was getting louder. Before long, not even the plushness of his Marlock's fur could lull him to sleep when the turning of wheels and the stomping of feet was no more than a few yards away.

by blueys45
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"The Legend of Faerie Caverns" by jessikey14
Aiyrorah shuddered as she walked through the small moss-covered cavern. An unnatural breeze swept past her, and she hated to imagine the depths and endless miles of tunnels that scattered around her, above and below. She could only feel a sense of panic as she stepped cautiously around enormous thousand-year-old stalagmites, and stopping every few feet to listen to the sounds around her, straining to hear voices of her family. Thinking back to the events just an hour before, she was frustrated with her choice to wander off. Aiyrorah knew she shouldn’t have strayed, even for a split second, but she could simply not help her curiosity when a sparkle in the tide pool caught her eye. She could see the small object emitted a translucent turquoise green light, just barely illuminating the bottom of the pool on which it lay. Aiyrorah needed to find out what it was. She took her lantern, and crept away from the group tour in the direction of the glowing pool.

Other Stories


850 Meters: A Kass Basher Tale
That plushie has feelings, too, y'know!

by mimitchi880


The Legend of Faerie Caverns
Aiyrorah pronounced (EYE-RO-RAH)

by jessikey14


The Travelling Neopian: Shenkuu
A second part in my series "The Travelling Neopian". I take you all around Neopia, and show you all it has to offer!

by sabbini


Last Year's Altador Cup Bottom Five: Analysis
With Altador Cup XIV kicking off in the coming weeks, many neopians are eagerly drawing up brackets, using some combination of statistics, historical trends, plucky optimism, and educated guesswork to determine which teams will take home the gold this year.

by its_a_mia


Pile o' Bones: Jealousy
CountVonCandy wants to be famous...

by cassanthia


It shall not be forgotten
never forget

Collaboration with _kougra_rules_

by coldecember

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