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Continued Series

The Greatest Show on Earth:Part Three

Hyoo took a sip of his Neocola, feeling despondent. He was sitting alone in a tavern miles from home, trying to drown his sorrows in food and drink. It wasn’t working.

by unfogging
Shadow Play:Part Eleven

A dim purple light appeared in Zoltan’s paw, faintly illuminating everyone’s faces, but past that was only an abyss. Terra looked around in confusion.

by cosmicfire918
Isolde and the Faerie Statue

The next week, after the disappearance of the statue, there was another article on the front page of the Neopian Times by Claudia Greenbate. It covered the story of the Dark Faerie statues around Neopia that appeared and disappeared almost at random.

also written by anachronisms

by tsiegred

Laurel:Part Four

As Laurel entered the Lost Desert she was swarmed by bugs. Laurel wasn't watching where she was going as she was swatting a bug away and knocked Max the Desert Krawk to the ground.

also by beckykbrooks

by applefaerie99

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All The Ways To Change Your Pet

I wanted to write a piece on all the different ways to change your pet, but there are so many out there that I don't even know if they can all fit in one Neopian Times article! I am going to try though. There are a few different types of changes your pet can undergo, such as a color change, species change, etc. This article is dedicated to those. Obviously you can change your pet by dressing them up in a new outfit, or change their battledome stats by training or questing, but I wanted to cover changing their base appearance.

Other Stories


To Make a Serious King Laugh
Our story begins with Wyvve the White Draik, who was one of the prestigious knights for the honorable and intelligent King Hagan of Brightvale, as well as one of Hagan's favorite soldiers.

by fairy_350


Reginald Acorn's Case 4 : Cupcake Madness
Reginald's adventures as a detective !

by dtrg


Ugga 10 Tyrannia ugga-ugg! (Top 10 Tyrannian Foods!)
A charming list of the best foods and snacks to enjoy when celebrating Tyrannian Victory Day!

by girlwithluv


Petpet Matching: A Guide
Finding the perfect petpet for your Neopet can be difficult. There are so many types to choose from, and many desire to find a petpet that perfectly compliments their Neopets colours or other physical attributes. It`s easily done to just browse the selection of petpets that can be painted the same colour as your Neopet,

by aleu1986


Kass Basher: Special level Unlocked!
Who said unlocking the special level was rewarding? (

Written by: kaizen_boi and Art by: iggy___koopa

by kaizen_boi


Something Has Happened! - Rude Moods
Walking in Neopia is a safety hazard.

by temiree

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