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Continued Series

Searching a place:Part Seven

Chapter 7. A Coup of Luck, Kreludor and The Mountain of Terror.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30

A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Eleven

Sankara knew she was beaten the moment Tomos and Vyssa had arrived with their armies. The Sakhmetian army, with all its might, was not prepared to battle international armies with backups ready to reengage even if they did defeat this first wave.

by dudeiloled
Shadow Play:Part Five

The sun was setting somewhere behind the clouds when Terra and her family stepped out of Defenders HQ. The Defenders had said earlier that they would not prohibit their wards from leaving the building, but warned that Vile was most likely looking for them.

by cosmicfire918
Isolde and the Faerie Statue:Part Two

She found herself in a wood dense with trees. Most of their leaves had fallen off. Was it winter? No, it couldn’t be, she thought, because it felt so warm. Their branches stretched every which way and made a lattice under the sky through which you could make out little triangles of a faint purple sky. But, while Isolde was looking around, the sky rapidly began getting darker and transformed from a pale mauve to a deep black, so thick and opaque that she could hardly see the trees anymore. The clouds rolled across the sky rapidly, perhaps a little too rapidly and too close to the ground to be natural. Were those clouds, actually? She smelled the air. There was no doubting it—it was smoke.

also written by anachronisms

by tsiegred

For All the Abandoned Hues:Part Three

Part III: All the Chromas We Dread

by sherocks15
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"The Pirate King Files - Saving Princess Lotus " by ezel68
Night had fallen on Neopia Central, and outside of the Defenders of Neopia's headquarters, a pink Aisha named Mimi was pacing. A lot of things had been on her mind lately. She and her partner, Uchiha Zwiro, were in talks to be promoted to Rank III defenders. With that would come a whole new slew of responsibilities - and the possibility that she and Uchiha would be assigned different partners. She had been with Uchiha ever since her promotion from Cadet so long ago. They had been through so much together, and were loyal with each other through all of it. Uchiha was a powerful ally with his immense strength and speed, he was kind, strong, and brave, and there was something about that cheeky smile and those warm brown eyes... The hairs on the back of Mimi's neck stood up, as if they were charged with static electricity. Mimi glanced behind her, but saw no one. Perhaps there was a storm coming, or her magical powers were flaring with her emotions again... A hand clasped over her mouth, a hand that smelled of ozone and made her teeth sting as if she'd bitten into metal. Mimi's magic flared, but the hand did not relent. A harsh voice whispered into her ear."Hello, sister." ~~~~ Agent Uchiha Zwiro, alias Pirate King, yawned as he rose from his bed. The pirate Xweetok knew that had to do a lot of things today,

Other Stories


The Pirate King Files - Saving Princess Lotus
Night had fallen on Neopia Central, and outside of the Defenders of Neopia's headquarters, a pink Aisha named Mimi was pacing.

by ezel68


The Fleapit Hotel: A Review
Are you in need of a vacation? Do you simply need a relaxing weekend away from your noisy neighbors who blast Jub Zambra or Gruundo at all hours of the night? Would you like to stay at a luxurious hotel with all the amenities, including a restaurant, indoor pool, and a fitness center? If you said yes to any of those questions, then the Fleapit Hotel is not for you.

by kristenbb1


Mutant Morphology Vol. 1
This will be a 3-part article!

by hamster_wolf


The Background For The Neopian Times
Have you ever looked at the background of the Neopian Times, and wondered why there is a Red Lenny wearing a cookie costume? Perhaps you`re curious to know the names of the various petpets and items scattered across the image that make up the backdrop of our beloved newspaper?

by aleu1986


Who am I, edition #2
Edition 2 of the neopia quiz, can you guess who I am?....

by gleenut


Ink: Inversion - Part 4
And meanwhile, your whereabouts are suddenly classified. What's going on?

by june_scarlet

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