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Continued Series

A World Of Grandiose Creature:Part Five

After my success meeting Sutek, the famous leader of the Gebs in the ancient Lost Desert, I set out for my biggest mission yet.

by luuuvmebabe
A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Six

Faerieland had once been a magical kingdom that hung far above the ground of Neopia, sitting atop white, fluffy clouds which held the weight of the pink and purple buildings that were elegant creations. After the events of war, Faerieland had come crashing to the ground and remained there ever since, with the Faeries having to rebuild their civilisation.

by dudeiloled
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"The Treasure of Smuggler's Cove" by unfogging
Clyf, a pirate Krawk, laughed heartily, taking another swig of grog. His face was flushed with happiness. Him and his crew were sitting at The Golden Dubloon, basking in the glory of another day of piracy. Their pockets were fat with dubloons, and their bellies filled with good food. Around them, the small tavern along the coast of Krawk Island bustled with activity. Waitresses tended to the needs of the patrons, the chef cooked openly in front of the customers, and some more outgoing Neopets were dancing with each other giddily while others cheered them on. Around Clyf sat his companions, a motley crew unlike any Krawk Island had ever seen. Each member of the group had a real name, but that name had been lost to history. Once they became pirates, they were given new names that reflected their personalities and talents. There was Skippy O’Scar, a Skeith with a jagged scar covering his left cheek. Nobody knows how he got it, because he changes the story every time you ask him. One time, he said he cut himself shaving. Nobody believed that one. One time he even claimed he got it fighting Captain Scarblade, even though Scarblade hadn’t been seen in decades.

Other Stories


The Quest to 75
Eroberi opened the door to her trophy case and looked at her trophies, fondly remembering the frustrations and triumphs they gave her.

written with noitalletsnoc

by lissiwciorka


The Parable of the Techo Master
We all have heard of the Techo Master. Over the years, many students have been in awe of his ability to levitate in addition to his seemingly infinite knowledge of the fighting arts. And in turn, many students have left the dojo out of frustration, even after having paid the codestones needed to train.

by nolsterbuckr


The History of Battledome Challengers, Part 3
In the last edition of "The History of Battledome Challengers", we brought in five new challengers to discuss. Making a total of ten challengers that we've broken down the history of so far. Every week, for five weeks total, I'll be here breaking down a selection of Battledome challengers for you to learn about. Maybe you will end up more inspired to take down some of the worst foes imaginable, as an extra slap in the face to them for trying to destroy Neopia. Or you will just want to practice with them to get stronger for the next mini-plot!

by krawkedattitude


Brynettia's Book Reviews, Part Two
The long awaited sequel! (The first one was back in issue 684)

by golden1188


Out to Lunch
Be careful what you send people, folks

by hauntinq


Kissy Kissy
You only need 50 NPs.

by purplegirl_2012

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