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Continued Series

The Flood that Brought Trouble:Part Six

The boat was packed as Kon, Spike, and Aren pushed it towards where Aren said the pirate ship would be located. Bonzi was in trouble and needed help and since she was only a skinny Lenny, she wouldn’t be able to fight them on her own.

by hannahcreep
The Princess and the Crook:Part Four

Wait… Whaaaaat? I needed water. I needed to get away from there. My head was spinning and I began sweating profusely. Why? Why? WHY?

by chlo26
Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Two

As the Moonstone Islanders settled onto their new homeland, Jerdana offered to show Nera what all they had built.

by trishabeakens
The Rusty Ghoul Catchers:Part Three

Rusty and Caliidora woke up the next morning, still tired from the previous day’s events. Their feet still hurt from the endless amount of walking they had done.

by thederelkarak
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"Petpetpet Wars" by herdygerdy
Wars rage across the face of Neopia every day. The pirates raid the city of Maraqua, while the forces of Darigan and Meridell clash with the hollow ring of steel upon steel. High in the skies above Neopia, the armies of the Resistance and Dr. Sloth duel on a daily basis. War weaves its way through the very fabric of Neopia. From legions of Neopets clashing on distant battlefields, to the schoolyard bully taking lunch money from his victims, war is everywhere. One war in particular has raged for generations. Far from the scorched earth of the Meridell battlefields, combatants live and die on a daily basis. In fields. In parks. In gardens. Between the blades of grass, the Petpetpets go to war. *** The two Mootix leaned closer to each other as the wind battered their faces. From the vantage point of the tiny lookout tower they could see to the horizon in every direction. Below them, the rest of the squad were sleeping soundlessly as dawn approached. The two lookouts could already see the dull glow climbing over the forest of grass blades. And somewhere in that forest, hiding, were the Cootys. One Mootix sniffed back the beginnings of a cold. “It'll be starting soon,” he muttered. “You ever seen it happen before, Bad?” the other Mootix asked nervously. ”

Other Stories


Where are you, Caramel?
The touch of sun rays coupled with its warmness woke me up earlier than usual. I’m not exactly a light sleeper; my older twin, Caramel, could vouch for my grogginess.

by kikiyomi


A Princess and Her Struggles
You will make a great Queen of The Lost Desert when the time comes...

by kalir


Freaky Factory – My Vat Runneth Over

by frosted_chooch


Bori-Tastic Recipes
Are you ready for some Bori-tastic recipes to celebrate Bori Day this weekend? That's what I thought! It is that time of year where we get to reminisce on the awakening of the Boris, which were once buried deep under the ice in Terror Mountain. Oh, you haven't heard that story yet? Let's jump into that first, for some context:

by smoothie_king_xiii


Eenie Meenie
He can't make up his mind, mind, mind, mind, mind.

Also by gollyitsirene

by frankie8492


The Healing Springs
But i'm healing you...

by illumiinate

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