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Continued Series

Rasputin's Revenge:Part Four

"Please.. for the sake of Fyora, stop playing that harmonica."

by trishabeakens
TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Eleven


by downrightdude
The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Five

Wai Ren was obviously not supposed to be anywhere but the fortress, but thankfully the relic Kougra’s own colouring provided a convenient solution.

by cosmicfire918
The Found CIty:Part Three

This was a disaster.

by unfogging
The Witch's Cookbook:Part Two

“Hold this for a minute, would you?”

by brilliantgrey
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Guide to Planting Neopian Flowers

April showers bring May flowers! We have already suffered through last month’s rain (although if you ask any Koi, they’ll say it was quite pleasant, actually), and now is the time to reap the beautiful rewards. Spring rain helps rejuvenate and loosen the soil that had to hibernate during the winter, so now is the prime time to work on your NeoGarden, with the moderate sun and light rain. Before you start, however, you should get acquainted with the different types of flowers. There are so many options in Neopia you can choose from, and not every plant requires the same care. If your garden is a good size, you’ll be able to plant many varieties of flowers and this guide can help you choose!

Other Stories


Spyders, Seafoam, and Slow Rainy Days
There were muffled voices in a room far down the hall. Rain droned on the roof and the room was a bit too warm. The afternoon was flat grey and time was in no hurry to pass.

by rrooaarrrr


Neopian nostalgia
I know you are probably playing Kass Basher or maybe you are just too busy looking for the hidden tower (keep trying, you will find it!) but let’s just stop for a moment, pause the game and stop looking for the tower, it won’t run away, I promise. Let’s just ask ourselves: why are we here, playing Neopets? What brought us here? And, well, why are we still here, with our lovely and beloved pets?

by norrossa97


The Definite Ranking of Neopian Food
What’s the best food in Neopia? Well, worry no longer. I have very unselfishly travelled the entire Neopian globe for no reason other than to find out that information for you, the reader.

by unfogging


Was it worth it?

by ssjelitegirl


Spyders' legs
They have six legs...

by ketchup547

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