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Continued Series

Identity Crisis:Part Three

Lichen paused. Her pets looked up at her expectantly.

"I need a drink."

by debbie1188

Hitomi the Witch:Part Eleven


by downrightdude
Elaine's Expedition:Part Four

The next morning, Elaine walked into the kitchen area of Jaycin’s hut attempting to appear as calm, relaxed, and rested as possible.

Even though she felt none of those things.

Also by afsheen_27

by milkshakes004

Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Two

What will happen this time?

by randmar
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Need Help Picking a Neo New Year Goal?

Ahh a new year! I’m not sure why, but the thought of a new year makes people think of new beginnings or a fresh slate. But this year, you aren’t sure what you want! Well I’m here to help. We aren’t going to focus on losing weight, a promotion at your job, or getting better grades. We are going to focus on your neopet new year goal! I’ll give you a list and you can consider your options. My advice is not to pick out of reach or too many goals! You can always alter my goal suggestions to something that is harder or easier for you.

Other Stories


Nabile of Qasala saves the Desert Scarabs
:D Inspiried by Queen Esther

by restisunwritten


A Favor for Baelia
Ever since Tavi had helped her escape from Jennumara's magical cage, the Grey Faerie, Baelia, had gone to Faerie City to live under the protection of Queen Fyora...

Also by semmy_genius & kt_roo2

by xoxcharm


Yummy: A Box of Chocolate… Petpets!
The first thing you should know about Petpets that appear to be painted Chocolate, is that they aren’t actually “painted” Chocolate.

by rowdy420


A Paint Brush Guide
Choosing a paint brush to paint your Neopet can be a difficult and expensive choice (brushes can cost several million NPs!), and not every Paint Brush is available for every pet.

by myjudem


What do you think you're doing???

by butterflybandage


Random Oddness - Wraith Resurgence #3
Stop helping him! He can't take much more.

by mistyqee

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