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Continued Series

Identity Crisis:Part Two

You mean you're devotedslothminion!?

by debbie1188
Hitomi the Witch:Part Ten


by downrightdude
Elaine's Expedition:Part Three

Elaine and Jaycin had spent most of her first day trekking down the Western side of Mystery Island, exploring the novelties to be found at the Island Market and Trading Post. They had passed the Island Arena, where they had glimpsed a peek at the Tiki Tack Man preparing for a duel.

Also by afsheen_27

by milkshakes004

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"Identity Crisis:Part Two" by debbie1188
You mean you're devotedslothminion!?" No matter how he tried, Smaug just couldn't process this bit of information. Ted, the infamous devotedslothminion, was Lichen? How could this be? She'd been lying to everyone this whole time? But the depth of the deception! She'd seemed genuinely scared when she met Sloth at that party for Team Virtupets. She'd relied on Smaug for emotional support, or so he thought! When all that time she was secretly a minion? To think he stood up for her in front of the others! But who could fake being that terrified? The amount of intelligence and effort she must have put into her cover. He simply could not believe what he was seeing. "Smaug," said Lichen, her voice wobbling slightly with tension. "This is your little brother, DrSlothWannabe. Crazy, this is Smaug_of_Erebor, your big brother." The wild-eyed Moehog walked up to the startled Hissi. Smaug's first instinct was to back away, but he felt Lichen's hand at his back. If the gesture was supposed to comfort him, it wasn't working. "Have we met?" said Crazy, scanning Smaug's facial features with an invasive stare. "You used to be green, didn't you." "I – I don't think we have. Unless..." Smaug tried to think back. Lichen had bought that camouflage paintbrush shortly after his first ever trip to the Neolodge. They had met a young Moehog there near the end of their stay, noteworthy in that he seemed rather more interested than the average Neopet in hearing them talk about their owner. "You were Abe?" Crazy raised an eyebrow towards Lichen. "Told you, Ted."

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The Secret of Keep Out Island
It was a dark and stormy night as a Wraith Xweetok rowed his boat to Keep Out Island – as the locals call it. The island itself was tucked behind Krawk Island – a large sign with the words “KEEP OUT!” was flapping in the wind – the sign was what kept locals from going to the island...

by alvissofcaldia


Alice's Lab Results
My name is Alice, I’m a Snot Jubjub. I wasn’t always like this, I was once beautiful. Do you want to hear how I became like this? Ok, I’ll tell you.

by ashgann11


Smooch: The Top 5 Valentine Petpets!
Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s no secret that every Neopian and every Neopet is excited for the possibility of the release of some new Valentine Petpets! Wait… What’s that? You didn’t even know that Valentine Petpets existed? Well… maybe that’s because there are currently only 11 different varieties of Valentine Petpets in Neopia

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Delicacies from Around Neopia!
With how different the places around Neopia are, their food items are also very different. With so many options from each land, it is a hard task to consider what to eat in Neopia.

by starry_zafara


A Matter of Marshmallow
Life isn't always candy for marshmallows.

by lepetitpoulet


The Thief
Some things just shouldn't be said.

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