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Continued Series

Clouds Over Cogham: Part Eight

Sunlight. Actual sunlight. It’s barely been an hour since Tor and Roberta last felt the sun shining down upon them — since they’d been in the thankfully still-freed city of Brightvale — but the clouds’ smothering pressure had already convinced them that they’d never feel warm again.

by theschizophrenicpunk
Tribulations of a Quest Sceptic: Part Four

The coiling, curling wisps of emerald smoke that drifted from the windows of the silent, stone tower seemed to cast the structure in an eerie, green glow. Each slowly spiraled into the air, lazy and slow, before drifting like cloud, forming into the most horrible, nightmarish shapes, toying with the imagination as clouds observed on a summer’s day might.

by anjie
Desert Requiem: Part Five

Jazan, Nabile, Farisem, Sayidah, and Tomos filed into Jazan's study upon the premature end of the royal ball. Khalid made his appearance there shortly after them. He sat down in a corner of the room and did not meet anyone's gaze.

by kalnya
Orlitz and the Search for the Emerald Crown: Part Two

A warm ray of light streamed through the small slit between the curtain covering the large cut-up windows. The gentle light awoke Orlitz who hid under the quilts of an enormous bed. A clock on her bedside table notified the Cybunny that it was time for breakfast at the lodge.

by josephinefarine
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"Once Upon a Memory" by parody_ham
I remember it like it was yesterday. It was eleven years After Neopia, I believe, or was it twelve? I can never remember the way we used to mark time. It all seems like such a long time ago—ironic, really, given that we live hundreds of years in the past now. We lived with our mother and father outside of Neopia Central. It was a bustling town, although nothing similar to city of Meridell. There were no merchant guilds, no knights in shining armor. Yet I remember loving the place, and loving the festivals all the more. Each year, the 20th day of Gathering, the faeries would host a festival celebrating their peaceful relations with Neopian-kind. My parents had been working when the festival came to town. They were a trusting sort, allowing a ten-year-old to watch his sister unsupervised. I think they loved me. Based on the stories that Lisha told me, they seemed kind enough. I remember less of them each day, less of my old life each hour. But the important memories remain. The parents had asked me to guard Lisha at the festival, to keep her safe no matter what. It was an honor; I took it very much to heart. After all, how often does a pup receive such a responsibility? Even before the festival started, Lisha had been so excited to see Queen Fyora. Lisha squeezed my hand tightly as we maneuvered through the crowds, poking our heads through the mass of excited spectators. When the Faerie Queen began her address, a soft breeze began blowing.

Other Stories


Tasha The Air Faerie
All of her life, Fyora received attention and special treatment everywhere she went. It is a nice feeling being recognized and admired everywhere you go. However, there was always a tiny piece of Fyora that wondered what it would feel like to live a normal life for one day.

by she_chose_love


Once Upon a Memory
It all seems like such a long time ago—ironic, really, given that we live hundreds of years in the past now.

by parody_ham


An Interview with the Altador Cup Prize Shopkeeper
Now that the curtain for AC has fallen, we’re here at the Altador Cup Prize Shop to reap the fruit of our hard work, so to speak. As a completely impartial journalist for the Neopian Times, I didn’t participate at all, and I’m here now to interview the Altador Cup Prize Shopkeeper, who will be telling us a bit about the AC XI prizes today.

by an9375


Top 10 Underrated Neopian Beverages
I'll gladly let you know all about what you've been missing. Here are the top 10 Neopian beverages that you may not be drinking now... but should be!

by violetflowersinavase


Hide and Seek
Let's try another game...

by supertualet


Papa's Got Jokes
Dad puns are the best puns

Also by Kevinthinksyourcute

by whssoftball11

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