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Continued Series

Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Days Yet to Pass: Part Eleven

Chloe opened her eyes to a familiar sight. She was sitting in the control room, the large screens of the console glowing around her. There was nothing urgent on them; they were exactly as she remembered them from a week before when she had been pulled out of her life into the nightmare future.

by kristykimmy
The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Nine

“You’re Rorren Willicks? That’s…that’s impossible!”

He nodded. “That name…it’s been such a long time…There’s much to explain, but now’s not the time. We need to get back to headquarters.”

by ummagine3284

Eye of the Crokabek: Part Three

The guards were clearly members of the Sway. Even if they hadn't been attired with coattails and fob watches, the Crokabek perched on the shoulder of one would've given them away.

by reiqua
The Ghosts of Roo Island: Part Two

Five to midnight, and I was standing outside the hospital with a hulking big ladder under my arm. Not how I usually spent my Saturday nights, let me tell you.

by phoenix_through_fire
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"Emergence" by alioldman
"What an eerie place,” she mumbled under her breath. She was a young adult Flotsam, and said “eerie place” was the Neopia Central Pound. “Now don’t be rude, Mist,” chided something that had chosen to look like a small star hovering over her shoulder. “We don’t want to insult our guide, do we?” “I don’t think you can see what I see,” the Flotsam, who did go by Mist whispered in response. “I don’t. But I think I have some idea. Cages in disrepair that go on forever, none empty that you can see. Something like that?” “You’re way too calm about this,” Mist muttered. Her companion apologized as best he could. “Sorry about the mess,” the pink Uni leading the way said. Common consensus was that her name was Rose, but almost no one bothered to ask her whether that was correct. “I keep telling them that we need better construction and supplies, but they haven’t done anything but install more cages since they built the transfers department – and that was years ago now.” “Time flies.” “I’ll admit, it’s really hard on the Neopets that live here – and even the others who work here,” Rose continued quietly, as they walked past another cage containing a green Korbat leaning against the wall of their cage. “Poor Dr. Death seems to have snapped, now that he knows that pets left with him will never have someone lined up and waiting to get them out quickly again.”

Other Stories


The Rise of Altador
What may very well happen in the future of Neopia. Prepare yourselves.

by kittenbags3


An Unexpected Meeting
Madeliynn was a simple, tender-hearted Blumaroo who lived alone in a small town outside Neopia Central. She had not seen much of the wider world Neopia, though she dreamt of it, for she was quite terrified of the wonders and terrors she might face alike.

by pepper_imp


The Many Travels of a Pretty Kadoatie
The name is Pretty Kitty, and let me tell you from the start that I’m a good kadoatie --- one of the best of my species, if I dare to add. Not being proud or anything here, just you know, when you’re so confident that it’s the truth, you sometimes get quite eager to share it with everyone you meet!

Also by button04_nice

by pandacat838


Why Did You Downsize? - Part 2
A popular article of mine was called "Why Did You Downsize?," and it received a lot of fan mail. The idea of downsizing struck a chord with many of my fellow players, and they admitted that after reading my article, they were inspired to downsize their own accounts.

by indulgences


Why Amira is Still a Princess
Uh, seriously?

by likelife96


Neoquest Adventures
Neoquest is silly sometimes.

by alliieennss

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