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Continued Series

The Amulet's Curse: Part Seven

All of the furniture, however, had been moved to the edges of the room. Acknowledging himself, he noticed he was sitting on a wooden chair, his arms and legs tied down by rope. Hannah was next to him, placed in the same position. However, she had not awoken yet.

by corrina404
Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Long Shadows: Part Two

Chloe and Loraine rode the elevator down one floor and got out. Orig was waiting in front of the doors, leaning against the opposite wall. Chloe had gotten pretty good at reading everyone, and she could tell that he was ill at ease, despite his casual pose.

by kristykimmy
Duplicity: Part Two

The throwing knife scraped Lisha’s dress. She’d barely moved out of the way in time. Without a second thought, Lisha gripped her wand of ultranova and swung it in the direction of her assailant, sending a powerful pulse through the air. The purple Nimmo was pushed from the bushes into the wall.

by likelife96
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"One Last Game" by gumgum101230
The three by three grid of raised stone squares was mocking me at this point. It was clearly a puzzle, as there were dozens of other identical puzzles scattered throughout Neoquest III. But with those other puzzles there was usually a cipher, or a scroll with a hint, or something that would help you figure out the answer. I had scoured the entire area looking for anything that could tell me the answer to the puzzle, but to no avail. The puzzle itself seemed to be an afterthought by the developers. It was in an empty room off of a random hallway in the coliseum level. An ear piercing shriek interrupted my thoughts. I turned around just in time to see a Giant Frost Weewoo come flying at me, its deadly talons raised. I unsheathed my sword but it was faster, and it pummeled me to the ground. My Virtual Reality Suit was well-worn and cheap to begin with, so I only felt a dull pressure on my stomach as my avatar was repeatedly slammed into the stone floor and raked with scythe-like talons. I turned down the volume on my headset so I could think past the constant ear-piercing shrieks of the Weewoo. I had dropped my sword when the Weewoo tackled me, so I just wildly flailed until I scored a hit on it.

Other Stories


The Cause of the Cursed Jazan
“Jazan, wait for me!” The young Kyrii glanced behind him with a sigh. “We’ve had to stop six times now! You’re too slow, Leta!” “It’s not my fault you’ve got longer legs than me!” the Yellow Kyrii stuck her tongue out at her older brother. “Maybe if you didn’t run so fast-!”

by xenna_15


The Thief
They say it only happens once every eighty years. The Prism. The sky is so much larger, so much more vast, than I can even comprehend. It glows in hues of purple and pink, silver and navy; it's like tender veins, reflections in the ocean, or millions of lost stars waiting to die. I’ve sat in this exact spot every night for weeks, doing just what I’m doing now, but never before has it been like this.

by the_pie_love


The 10(-ish) NC Wearables You Had No Idea Were Cool
But here are some wearables you may not have known about that tend to be extremely hard to find (or HTF)--while their Clara cap value is 5 or fewer, if you're after one of these coveted items you may well have to put in significant time and even a substantial "overoffer" to hunt even a single willing trader down.

by playinthewaves


The Top 5 Best Desert Foods
The Lost Desert's cuisine provides a welcome change from the usual winter foods.

by emilyralphy


I Guess You Are Mine...
I raised you right

by alexandria_nicole


Good Luck Charm
It's all relative.

by globetrekker

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