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Continued Series

Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Twelve

"Kass!" he shouted, barrel rolling away from a projectile. "Face me. Face me, you coward!"

by parody_ham
Where the Wind Blows Wild: Part Eight

This was a warrior's weapon, and, frankly, Corbin wanted nothing to do with it. That had been one of Dad's rules: when the weapons come out, the best place to be is gone.

by saphira_27
Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Ten

"Brillare? Illere?" Kira cried as she looked around the deserted area. "Where are you guys?"

by downrightdude
Saving the National Neopian Bank: Part Seven

But now she was fighting for something that she believed in. She was fighting for something just because it felt right to her. What sort of nonsense was that?

by rider_galbatorix
The Persecution: Part Eight

Quiet music crept soulfully from the corner of the room where a hunched over Gelert coaxed them from the chipped piano.

by racerfishy
Treasure Hunters: Part Seven

"Stay close," she called out to the others. "If you fall behind, you won't be able to see where you're going!"

by meganhilty
Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Lessons - Part Two

"All that we went through, and you had the bad manners to go and survive."

by shinkoryu14
Stargazer: Part Six

One spark was all that was needed.

by fairyxhearts
Agent of the Sway: Resistance - Part Two

A few days into the voyage, Clayton was surprised to see a visitor in his little cargo hold. "I know you're in here somewhere," the little JubJub said...

by herdygerdy
The Flight of Faerieland: Part Three

Fyora arose from her slumber quite early, despite being exhausted from the previous day. There was a knock at the door of her chambers.

by black_skull725
Hannah, Brynn, and Nabile and We Hate Hanso Club 2: Part Four

"But, if you want to do this the hard way, we will totally kick your butts," Hannah assured them.

by kristykimmy
Stachetastic: the Hair-Raising Origin - Part Three

"I can talk to people, sure, but I can't dance! And there's bound to be Defenders--what if I lose my cool and start squealing all over the place?!"

by flufflepuff
Moltara's Winter: Part Four

"We need to find a way down the caves," Luna began explaining. "I've studied some maps of Moltara and I know for a fact that the quarry has an entrance..."

Also by saltsman

by saudadesdagripe

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