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Continued Series

Agent of the Sway: Recovery - Part Five

"You are lucky Master Alshemar was out," she said. "If he had caught you, fireballs would be the least of your troubles."

by herdygerdy
Caught Between Kingdoms: Part Nine

Skarl bared his teeth, but Setarian continued to shout. "He was right all along. You are nothing but a hateful tyrant!"

by parody_ham
Concerning Smugglers: Part Six

There was a crash from the other side. It went first black, and then Kip could only see his own shocked face looking back at him. Something was wrong aboard The Lost Sail...

by kadface
Those Left Behind: Part Five

"And Hephen, what is his story?" I wondered.

Torpin shrugged. "Dunno, I've never heard him talk about it. All I know is, he's been a--a traveler for a long time."

by frazeocity

Where the Wind Blows Wild: Part Four

Corbin had officially decided that their life of crime was over. Somehow they'd gone from "grab the Arnsian and get out of here" to holding a little Usul woman hostage.

by saphira_27
Faerie Wings II: Rosia's Revenge - Part Six

"That's why I despise Balthazar. He took all of my powers and my friends' powers, too. And for that, he shall never be forgiven."

by downrightdude
Saving the National Neopian Bank: Part Three

"Now, I have analyzed the bank's problems over the years," Mr. Roberts said. "And as mentioned before, we face the possibility of a financial apocalypse..."

by rider_galbatorix
The Persecution: Part Four

The chilly wind blew through his white fur as he walked along the narrow road toward Meepit Oaks. It had been a successful week, and Gabriel knew he had some time to go on a long overdue visit.

by racerfishy
Runaway: Part Three

With a grimace, the Lutari cracked open an eye. He was lying on his back staring up at a murky gray sky. May was leaning over him. She barked and licked his face again...

by catchinglights
Treasure Hunters: Part Three

The tomb was huge, with lots of different passageways and doors and almost everything looked the same. Without a map, finding their way around seemed impossible...

by meganhilty
Stargazer: Part Two

Psellia blinked and shook her head. She was seeing stars in more than the one sense.

by fairyxhearts
A Forgotten Promise: Part Two

"Is it the Good Heart, the un-kept promise, or the power of the light?" Blossum asked.

by stararan
One Route to Altador: Part Two

Sugarchick and Climene began to race towards Faerieland, ignoring the cries of their owner, Éclair, to come back.

by _torchic__
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Flotsam Colors

This Month of Swimming, I've made it my mission to persuade users like yourself that Flotsams would be a worthy addition to your neo-families. To accomplish such a purpose, I have assembled a list of 10 spectacular colors that Flotsams come in. At least one of these fabulous creatures is bound to win your heart. And of course, as soon as I've...

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Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XVIII
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