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Continued Series

Murgoh: Part Eleven

"They are coming," Savak said as the howl faded. "Right about when I thought he would. But…I would have expected a stealth raid."

by zephandolf
Hubrid's Attempted Hero Heist: Part Ten

"The power of the Sunblade is what Nox fears more than anything else," Gilly reminded him...

Also by schefflera

by ikkin_with_attitude

A Hero's Journey: Part Five

The youngest son gave the biggest hug back. "I'll miss you too, Father," he whispered with choked sobs...

by precious_katuch14
Searching For Paradise: Part Eight

"Well, this is probably the riskiest thing I've ever done!" Allehya hissed to Tye. "And that's saying something for a stray!"

by cpmtiger
To Be a Pirate: Part Seven

"And how exactly are we going to make him pay?" grumbled Jacques. "My head feels like it's about to burst open, and if you haven't noticed, we're prisoners again..."

by lolazgirl
Sleeping Beauty: Part Five

I hopped out of bed and walked straight to my vanity desk (just like always) and stared in horror...

by ruff_zette
Behind the Mystery of the Kougra's Paw: Part Four

Fire Paw batted his face miserably, placing his paw over his eye. "Why did I let them turn me into a trading card?"

by inanti
Taking the Long Way: Part Four

"Will you go straight to the king?" Celleny asked, turning to face Alexien, chocolate-colored fur wet and matted down...

by senya
Midnight over Meridell - Chapter II: Part Four

"You have invaded the sanctuary of the great Pango Pango!" he boomed, his voice echoing all over the cavern...

by ratling_guardian
The Five Kaus: Part Three

Whooper was still quickly looking back and forth to each Metonot before him, still trying to decide which one was its true master...

by jacob133
As the Clouds Clear: Part Three

After several more minutes of walking, the large Lenny Library building came into view. The pair quickly ran up the steps and into the building to start their research...

by puppy200010
Treasure of the Caves: Part Two

The Shoyru floated up and landed aboard silently as always. It was filled with pirates who were busy preparing the ship for sailing off but nobody noticed him...

by ssjelitegirl
The Ruby Heart: Part Two

I carefully looked around, and spotted a shadow behind a Blackberry Bush and a Blushing Lavender Bush. "Come out," I snapped, guessing who it was...

by kindheartedfairy
Roomies: Part Two

She woke up early one morning as Jesc was leaving the dorm to go to class. "Wait!" Jhudora screeched after her. "I'm coming with you."

by vanessa1357924680
Return of Seamstress Cybunny: Part Two

The next morning, I bounced out of bed and made breakfast. There wasn't school today and I didn't feel like visiting Shai. I didn't know why...

by anime_cybunny
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What to Do: Jhudora Day

Many of us are asking ourselves now, what should we do on the greatest holiday in Neopian history? Well I can answer that question for you! Below, I have compiled a list of twenty four (February fourth = 2/4 = 24) things you can do on the third annual, super duper, super dark, Jhudora Day!!

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