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Blossoms~ Heart to Heart Part 9

It was like a voice in my head, but... deafening.

by twillieblossom

Gotta love the board filters.

by bohneevair
What's happening here?

Montage shall now be known as Montage! Collab with Starki_Stal

by romina_r

Sure thing buddy, here you go! Collab with corrina404 and theguy2020

by preksolanx
Bonds: a short comic

A friend in need is a friend indeed! collab with carolina_021 and gabi100pitty

by hasse_li_37
Avatar [MIS]Adventures!

Collab with rodel_27phoenix to tell a story about the fortunes and 'MIS'fortunes of avatar collecting!

by 4mandy4
Neopia at it's Best

It's a simple explanation.

by pumpkin_700
Underwater Fishing

Most upsetting underwater fishing fishes...

by bonitapenguin
Mystery Meat

Is this real?

by caseybear205
Find the Chia

The Chia's in there somewhere. Collab with varshajoseph

by _kankuro
3D Bori Pop-up Card (Printable Craft)

Let the good times roll with this fun Bori pop-up card design!

by jaylahcat
For Today's Agenda

So, what are your plans for today? Collab with riparu

by mikurubeam297
Pea's first Trick-or-Treat!

Probably the most unique costume you'll see this Halloween! Collab with cisko116 and feraico

by baiuki
Dome of the Deep Breath

Let's start the fight... glub glub. Collab with myncithemonkey and timothy1692

by verna_
To Battle!


by emilyhunter5034
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"The Grumpy Ruki" by 77thbigby
The Halloween Ruki found herself standing in the middle of her parlour, a broom in her hands. Her antennae were flicked backwards and her beautiful grey eyes were narrowed in disgust. She was surrounded by Korbats that she had considered her friends up until that moment. All of them were collapsed around the room, having gorged themselves on the food that she had painstakingly prepared that day. Looking around at the ravages of a party gone wrong, the only thing that the Ruki could think was that her day was not supposed to end like this. ~ ~ ~ It was Korbat Day. Althea had big plans for this day. Living in the Haunted Woods, she had several Korbats for friends and the kind-hearted Ruki had decided to do something for them. She was going to throw her first ever party...

Other Stories


Pride of the Citadel- An Interview with Kep Bonnefie
One of Yooyuball's most famous backliners, Kep Bonnefie, reveals powerful insights on team strategy and more!

by skatabo


Oohee's and Claude's Mystery Island Adventure!
Claude the rainbow kadoatie peeked his head out from the opening of the backpack. His owner Oohee the faerie poogle was gathering up the last of her things, before they were to set off for the day at Mystery Island!

by zed16


Haunted Woods Travel Guide
It’s that time of year again when the normally desolate Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground and Neovia are bustling with neopets from all over Neopia...

by catapult1718


How to Write a Storytelling Starter
The Storytelling Competition may be one of the most difficult contests on Neopets, and not only because you are expected to turn in writing worthy of a trophy, a handful of Neopoints and a rare item...

by precious_katuch14


For the Love of the Game
It was the first day of the Cup and my nerves were starting to get the best of me.

by 77thbigby


The Power of Twelve
The thrilling conclusion to The Power of Twelve series!

by herdygerdy

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