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The Misadventures of Snor: What a Grey day!

Playing with puddles has never been so much fun! Collab with theofloppy4135

by verna_
Dailies with Larvse and Chuckie! #2

Chuckie and Larvse head to Krawk Island for Buried Treasure. Collab with instata!

by spinachs
Maam & Mussshhhy

I want to be a hero!

by plutos
Welcome to the Deserted Tomb. Next!

Okay who is up next? Collab with Chaostastico

by brenda_bbm
A Korbat's Only Weakness

Personal rating: 7.8/10 - too much light...

by akezis
Mutant Usul Shenanigans

Sure, we can go with that....

by lyra_blazingstar
Battleground of the Obelisk Wordsearch!

Can you solve this Battleground of the Obelisk themed wordsearch?

by zed16
NQII Many Puns

And heal keep making puns, too. Collab with javascripter

by parody_ham
Random Oddness

Yer a cyborg, Topsi.

by mistyqee
Trying His Best

Hmmm I wonder... Collab with riparu

by mikurubeam297
Hunters Galore Crossword

Welcome to the Month of Hunting!

by eleganza_lights
It's Korbattle Time!

A pun is the strongest weapon. Collab with Nyala

by keoshky
A Strange Weakness in L54

What happens when a giant metal shield goes up against a bottle of water? The results may surprise you!

by deadpoolio809
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"You Are What You Eat" by smart100000
“Two Milk Chocolate Lupes and a Strawberry Fondant Surprise, please,” said Conrad, putting the merchandise on the counter of the shop. The old Kiko running the Chocolate Factory smiled warmly at the young Lupe as he put the candy in a bag. “Coming right up! That’ll be 3,783 Neopoints.” Conrad put the money on the counter and reached out to take the bag. “Hey, Mr. Shopkeeper, there’s an Organic Broccoli in here! I didn’t buy that!” He looked at the shopkeeper in confusion. “It’s on the house,” the shopkeeper chuckled. “I can’t have my best customer getting sick from eating nothing but candy, can I? If you eat too much candy, it’ll give you nightmares. Eat your vegetables. They’re good for you.” “Yuck!” Conrad exclaimed. “I hate Health Food! I don’t want this.” The old Kiko sighed. “I’ll tell you what, kiddo...

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How to Study with Friends
Or what to do when you keep gravitating to each other.

by liouchan


Rise from the Fall
Dedicated to my selfless friend, the Pink Lily in the story, who always goes out of their way to help their friends!

by pixie_tea


Get Avatar-Ready for Summer
Time to brush the dust off some beautiful, old avatars that have been collecting dust in the shadows for the past 9 months and re-visiting some of our old favourites to show your Neofriends that this is your year, and you are ready to own this summer...

by horp


Top Two Hissi Colours
Have a happy Hissi Day!

by squin


Lupe Pack Detectives - The Fake Detective
Blizzard the Lupe detective stumbles upon an arson case, but suspects there is more than meets the eye about this case...

by lupe_hunter_7


The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark
The rulers of Neopian prepare for the upcoming battle as the Darkest Faerie continues to amass powerful allies...

by iamnotaaron

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