Reporting live from Neopia Circulation: 196,565,798 Issue: 926 | 29th day of Sleeping, Y23
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Singing Isn't For Everyone

Next, please...

by _brainchild_
Puns Are Fun

YEEEAAAH Collab with larkspurlane

by _razcalz_

He's raising the ROOf! Collab with t0tor0

by katerinacapplex
Neopets Concert and Instrument Wordsearch!

Think you've got what it takes to solve this musical wordsearch?

by zed16
Show? What show?


by youi234
One Supporter's Value

Never be afraid to show support; it only takes one person to make a difference.

by lolamartinez1
Rock On! ...Or Not?

Tenaby dazzles the stage with a truly electric rock show for the Performing Arts collab!

by fatefulwings
The Chazz - Concert

Get hyped!

by shellshocks
The Prima Kadderina~

What a beautiful ballerina!

by praline01
Getting into Treble!

Stop! You are under arrest! collab with Spotsilver

by andypopo
Performing Arts: Poetry

Could poetry be a form of Performing Arts? You tell us! Collab with fishmas

by acara_575
A Musical Mix-Up

I heard you are now part of a band! Collab with varshajoseph

by _kankuro

A one man show, when the group show falls apart!

by mousebroker
An Interview with Bunny Spears

This interview was brought to you by The Shoyru Company! collab with mistyqee

by 1jediboy
Impressive Singer

One of the biggest neopian singers you have ever seen!

by rescur
Mysterious Surprise

Ready for your surprise? Collab with crazy_mia and necromancer_6

by carmyyyyy
Poor Musician

Tried to impress but fail.

by crazyjoe99
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Post-Performance Routine Supplies

So your Neopet has moved into the theatre for the run of a new production. They have brought everything they need for the rehearsals and shows like costumes and makeup and their lucky charm is already sitting on the dressing table in front of the mirror decorated with letters from Neofriends and photos from that trip to Kreludor you took two years ago. But what about their needs afterwards? Depending on your Neopet’s post-performance routine, these are some of the supplies you may want to buy them. Icing. The cold verb, not the yummy noun. This one is particularly for the Neopets who are dancing on stage. This process is to reduce swelling and stop inflammation.

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Dance of the Battle
Rohane, Talina, Mipsy, and Velm find themselves in an unusual kind of battle... collab with forgottenbirthdays

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This Play Went off Without a Hitch
Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Neopia’s newest play: The Fall, a dramatic retelling of the times before, during, and after Faerieland fell.

by parody_ham


6 Underrated NC Wearables for Performing Pets
This article will shed some light on 6 underrated items that are as beautiful as they are obtainable. Collab with phoenix79

by swordlilly


Si & Jay
The misadventures of a young Siyana (Si) and Jerdana (Jay) before they served on the council of Altador.

by cookiez101


A Hero's Journey: Masquerade
Part 1: No Good Deed

by precious_katuch14

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