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Neopian Literature Behind the pages: 381 Dirt Jokes!

A book with a dirty sense of humour...

by andypopo
3D Kau Pop-up Card (Printable Craft)

A Neopian spin on a(n animal) 3D pop-up card idea from the Internet

by jaylahcat
Coltzan's Last Words


by shellshocks
Inside the Mind of a Lupe

What Lupes REALLY think! Also by t0tor0

by stargirl089
Blossoms~ A Day Out Part 2

I'm glad I was able to catch you in time!

by twillieblossom
The thrill of one more win

Let the games begin! Art by chantili_doce

by chasingshadow
In Depth

The dullest read ever...

by ssjelitegirl
It's not fair...

Finally, no more omelettes!

by xxxfenice_neraxxx
Puns with a Kau

Holy kau, those are a lot of puns!

by roxanna203
Outburst of a loyal fan

The heartbreaking feeling... collaboration with vitrais

by hoppip_grass
Fountain of Youth - Part 3

Continue on with Cor the Shoyru who is on a quest for water from the fountain of youth. This changes things...

by dekucorey
A Book Worth Re-Reading

The worst time to forget!

by _brainchild_
Is it lotion?

I can't believe it snot lotion!

by the_anonymous_ninja
The 'Surprise'

It's been 10 years since they've been home. Home, however, isn't quite how they remember it.

by iluvlupes250
Out of Line

At least he's honest about their farming ethic.

by narutoluvr935
Random Oddness: Neopian Literature

I wonder if any of that knowledge comes in handy...

by mistyqee
Star Player

Older staff members hits back!

by luucsg
Wishful Thinking

Today will be the day!

by cherni_chuu
My Snotty Sis: The Dress

When your sister is snotty, sharing things may get messy!

by __kitty__tails__
I see

When Qasala guards need glasses

by tamigira
Herding Hopes Pt 1

Wait..who is that?

by speeedway
Royal Pain: Neopian Literature

Brawn over brains

by winner19955
Hansos Guide to Escaping Dungeons

Once upon a time, a young and innocent Ixi...

by kentuckyfrychickenrl
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"Learn To Code: A Lenny's Space Station Book Review" by superkathiee
Hi! I’m Ahmik, and I’m a Lenny who loves the pursuit of knowledge. My owner, Kat, loves to tell us stories about how she learned to code twelve years ago when she became a Neopian because she learned HTML and CSS to create beautiful lookups, pet pages, and more! I love listening to her stories about how she learned, and I decided that I would go on a mission, to go where no Lenny has gone before: behind the scenes at the Virtupets Space Station. As we know, the Virtupets Space Station was home to Dr. Sloth and his evil minions in Y2. Now that it’s an amusement arcade, Neopians are free to visit and have fun playing games, visiting relics of Neopian history, and talking to the Grundos that keep the place running...

Other Stories


The Tombola is Out of Cash!
Authors Note: This short story was inspired by the Neopian book titled Out of Cash: A Tombola Story. Hope you enjoy my imaginings!

by neogal_anu


Learn To Code: A Lenny's Space Station Book Review
Here is my review of the five books I read, as well as one elusive, extremely rare book that I am still on the hunt for...

by superkathiee


Which Neopian Book Best Fits You and Your Neopet?
Have you ever thought about ALL the books in Neopia? Have you ever wondered which book would be best for you and your pet to read together?

by skittlesrock10292


Journeying Near Haunted Houses
So you want to know about haunted houses, eh? Well let us tell you something straight out the gate: DON’T GO NEAR THEM!

by thehotaru21


The Adventures of Armin
This two-part series is intended as a read-along for the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. The majority of events and dialogue are taken directly from the HATIC plot comics. Hannah and the Ice Caves was an immensely important part of my childhood. May its legacy live on. :)

by dewdropzz


Quarry Life
Life for the vast majority of Obsidian Quarry meant keeping their head down and doing the best with the hand they've been dealt. It wasn't much – nothing ever was. But that was all they could expect...

by blueys45

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