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Sauna Day - Epilogue

Could you not do that here?

by ssjelitegirl
Edna's Evil Little Beach

Oh I gave the punchline away in the title

story by keeleyann19

by jesillu

Futile Efforts

why do I bother?

by starscreamer54
Dress Code

i mean...

Collaboration with spotsilver

by tian174

Shenanigans at Dice-a-Roo

Sorry I managed to WHAT?

by roverness
Bubble Trouble: Pop!

Uh... Where did they go?

by pknerd
Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 1

Back on Kreludor

by shadowstrand
Neopia`s weird items #1


by awenar
Ghost Meepmallows


by hamster_z
Naiahtin's Doodles: Big Meanie

Lucky?! Not at the Chocolate Factory!

by _kate_e_did_
Halloween Costume

If you're scared, just rip the cloak off any spooky Halloween pets! :)

by carrotcakie
Baby Professional

I want my mommy

In collaboration with 2junebugs

by sessduh

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"The Book of the Twelve:Part Six" by herdygerdy
Polmith was said to have come from an island that Tradym discovered on one of her voyages. Everyone on the island grew to enormous size, and Polmith himself was said to be twice as tall as the average Skeith. The two became fast friends and when Tradym decided to return home, Polmith asked to join her and learn about the strange continent beyond the horizon. Polmith was a man of tremendous wit as well as height, and would spend the evenings of their voyage home telling stories that reduced the crew to tears. He wielded magic common in his homeland, augmenting his size magically to become even stronger. When Tradym was eventually asked to join the Great Empire, she recommended Polmith as well. The Cybunny was dressed in sailor’s grab, a long overcoat to shield her from the rain. Though it was hardly needed there, the tropical rain forest they had discovered on the island was lush and humid.

Other Stories


The Sea Monster
“Sa-sa-sa-sa-sea monster!” The sailor yelled.

by rkbear


The Lost Eyrie
It was Wednesday. Just like any other Wednesdays, the three friends; Inrina the Xweetok, Bahgir the Eyrie and Joshua the Kacheek; would spend their afternoon picking berries at Meri Acres Farm in Meridell, a historical land where legends were born. However, Bahgir did not show up that day.

by cakenis


The Best Avatars For Halloween!!
The leaves have started to change and fall off their branches, Neopians everywhere have picked the pumpkin patches clear, the air has gotten a cold chill to it, and everything seems positively spook-tastic.

by zuniak


How to Dedicate Your Neopet's Life to Slorgs
If you’re a Neopet owner looking to for something fun and exciting to do, why not adopt a Neopet in need and dedicate its life to the best Petpet - the Slorg.

by jubileek


The Book of the Twelve:Part Six
VI-I. Polmith, the Giant

by herdygerdy


A Story of the Haunted Woods:Part Six
They headed back upstairs and approached Samuel’s cage. “So, about the safe in the cellar,” said Ally.

“How do you open it? Where’s the key? The combination?” added Saskori.

by june_scarlet

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