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What neopet training really looks like

This is what really happens when you leave your neopet at the academy to "train"

by josesquats
The Faeries Quest

since the dawn of time...

Also by iggy__koopa

by jesillu

Saving for the Golden Shell

remind me again...

by sheepmad4eva
George's Fishing Fiasco

By George

by diabloartificial
The Villains' Breakroom - Ghostly Woes

I just wanted a can of Neocola okay!

by lopiditty
Blumaroo Court Jester

Do you ever wonder if King Skarl gets bored of the same joke over and over?

by purplegirl_2012
How not to diversify...

follow these steps or don't

by starscreamer54 more


by stunningful
Naiahtin's Doodles: Ghost Hands

No hands, no problem for this little tadpole!

by _kate_e_did_
Please Sutek


by evilone712_27
Fun activities for the weekend!


Also by In collaboration with joaozanatto

by _annefrank_

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"Usuki Singing Stars #46: Something Special for You" by downrightdude
"This bracelet is going to look so pretty, Mr. Porkers,” Lola gushed as she sorted through her tin of beads. The yellow Cybunny held up the string of yellow star-shaped, green triangle-shaped and pink heart-shaped beads she’d fashioned. “How does this look?” she asked her Snorkle. Mr. Porkers oinked and sniffed the tin. Lola beamed. The bracelet was a surprise birthday present for Ms. Butterworth, a cloud Bruce who’d taken the young Cybunny in after her parents abandoned her at the Pound. To show her appreciation, Lola decided that a homemade bracelet would be the perfect present—something Ms. Butterworth could wear everyday, as a reminder of Lola’s love. Pleased with the result of her creation, Lola tied the string into a knot and, shivering with excitement, slipped her hands through the bracelet. It was a perfect fit.

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First Story: The Bridge
Go, go, go, but look who's here. Welcome to my humble abode, I am Zecura and I will be your host for tonight.

by esmiraldel


Usuki Singing Stars #46: Something Special for You
This bracelet is going to look so pretty, Mr. Porkers,” Lola gushed as she sorted through her tin of beads.

by downrightdude


How to impress King Hagan with your wise word
You all may know the familiar King Hagan sitting in his throne room. All he asks is a bit of knowledge for you to come into his throne room.

by luna_sparkle_1


Challenge Yourself – Word Puzzle
Word Puzzle instead of quizzes

by xlorally


A Story of the Haunted Woods:Part Five
“You can stay up in that tree, if you like,” said Nathan. “But I have this Xweetok here, and I will take her, as recompense for your crimes.”

by june_scarlet


Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing
In the soft light of the autumn sun trickling in through the port windows, some passengers aboard the SS Delfin were enjoying their breakfast.

by josephinefarine

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