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Sauna Day, Part 5

it's a pretty dry heat...

by ssjelitegirl
Arrgh..you can only count me potatoes...

Alton Moughbry always sounded like a pirate when he said that

by rossthereddragon
Bad House Guest

Stowaway Sting is always leaving a mess.

Collab with riggsy_reborn

by __adelaide__

Struggles of an avatar collector

the struggle is real..

by aweber
Who's Bad?!

How many potatoes?

Collaboration with kayahtik

by kieselcamper

Space Stand-Up II

I hope I'm not the only one who pronounces "Illusen" like "illusion"...

by neo_kid_851
Surprising Revelations

Surprise! It's Trudy!

(Story by Parody_Ham)

by jesillu

Maths Nightmare's Nightmare

This better get me the avatar...

The concept was by starscreamer54

by light_magical

Feeding Time!

Anyone for an omelette?

by windish1234
Odd Days Out

A mutant Aisha trying to find a place in life and ends up meeting a new friend to go on wild adventures with.

by gailypuppy
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Are Endless Salad and Bread Sticks really endless?

After a long hiatus from my Neopian writing career, I decided to restart it by attempting an important and nigh impossible feat: to once and for all determine whether Endless Salad and Bread Sticks truly lives up to its moniker.

Other Stories


Betrayal in the Snow
No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

by fallingdaybreak


The Blumalupe: Creation
Once upon a time, (or three years ago) there was a secret lab under the Neopian Central. The experiments performed in this lab, which was called Neopia Labs, were very important, and had been the subject of many sabotages, including the famous "Lupe Incident" where 20 extremely large Lupes broke out and ravaged Neopia for almost a year before they were captured.

by neotilted


How to Get Lent Avatars Items!
Whether you are just starting out on Neopets, a returning player, or a very active player, you will soon realize that getting every avatar on your own can be an extremely difficult and expensive endeavor!

Written in collaboration with starscreamer54

by hansy900


A Back to School Supplies List
Ahh, the month of Gathering. Summer is winding down and you know what that means… neoschool is back in session! With the first day of school looming in the weeks ahead, it’s best we get a move on and start preparing.

by sessduh


Chronicles of the Darkside: Keys to Fantasia:Part Six
Chapter 6: It Was Worth It

by fire_earth_aqua__77


A Story of the Haunted Woods:Part Two
“Very well,” said the Storyweaver. “Let’s begin.”

“Once there were a brother and sister who lived in the Haunted Woods. The brother was a carpenter while the sister was a secretary. Each day, they’d walk the path to Neovia together, and each night, they’d return to their home in the woods.

by june_scarlet

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