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Real Remedies at the Neo Hospital Part 1

Terrible doc with even more terrible remedies..

by andypopo
It shall not be forgotten

never forget

Collaboration with _kougra_rules_

by coldecember

Pete the Ice Cream

Pete the Ice Cream loves Neopets and Friday's

by natlain
Pun Pain!

Fang's jokes are pure PUN-ishment!

by honshusan
The Philosograrrl!


collab _kathy_2004_

by fluffalspike

The Atsumi Method

Do you spark joy?

by arobed1992
Delicious Food

Books are sometimes better than food

by _gizmo_stern_
Pile o' Bones: Jealousy

CountVonCandy wants to be famous...

by cassanthia

Altador Cup team captains be like...

by __adelaide__
Keep Calm and Kyrii on: On the Draphly

That's like, the opposite of free.

by ahnyo
You belong in the Kadoatery!

This is what I've always wanted though

Also by latrellstephen

by marsbarss

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"A New World" by milkshakes004
For a brief few seconds, all he saw was light. Then, as quickly as the lightness had come, it was gone, replaced by the dark, harsh reality of Hirsham’s current situation. Slowly, Hirsham gathered his senses. He observed that the moment of brightness had only been a streak of treacherous lightning flashing across the cloudy, inky sky. He tasted salt in the air. He felt rain beating down on all sides, as he struggled to maintain his balance on the rocking boat. He smelled charred wood, freshly burned from the lightning strike. He heard shouts from his crew, who were fruitlessly attempting to calm the chaos on board. This voyage had gone disastrously wrong. The boat was far from Krawk Island by now, and whichever way Hirsham looked, there was no sign of land. “Captain!” “Captain, what do we do?” The pleading yells finally registered with him. He must act; his crew was relying on him. Hirsham the Krawk bolted up the stairs on the back of the ship.

Other Stories


850 Meters: A Kass Basher Tale
That plushie has feelings, too, y'know!

by mimitchi880


The Legend of Faerie Caverns
Aiyrorah pronounced (EYE-RO-RAH)

by jessikey14


Last Year's Altador Cup Bottom Five: Analysis
With Altador Cup XIV kicking off in the coming weeks, many neopians are eagerly drawing up brackets, using some combination of statistics, historical trends, plucky optimism, and educated guesswork to determine which teams will take home the gold this year.

by its_a_mia


Top Rated Activities to do While visiting the Altador Cup
It's that time of the year again, Neopias biggest sports event: The Altador Cup. The tournament lures thousands of tourists every year, but have you ever thought what to do in Altador aside from watching the games?

by deblubbernoot


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Party Two
At first, it was a distant sound that could do nothing but merely stir the shadow Korbat for a moment. But no sooner had he drifted back into his slumber did he realize that the noise was getting louder. Before long, not even the plushness of his Marlock's fur could lull him to sleep when the turning of wheels and the stomping of feet was no more than a few yards away.

by blueys45


The Greatest Show on Earth:Part Five
“Five minutes to show time!”

by unfogging

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