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The Little Hoover

All the NC/NP items used can be found on Neopia NC/NP

by fluffalspike
First Meeting (Part 2/4)

It's Aurrick!

by neo111186
Digivices Quest for Avatars! Chapter 1

Digivices debut in a comic all about him!

by liligants
Charity Corner 2019 In a Nutshell

just one more...

Also by devilpersian_vegeta

by nayana852

The un-egg-spected


by seluker406
Dinner with the Scarlets: Living with Less Method

Learning to live with less… less common sense, that is.

by june_scarlet
Head in the Clouds: Charity Corner

Yes. This actually happened.

by yoshisislandbandit
Something Has Happened! - Rude Moods

Walking in Neopia is a safety hazard.

by temiree
Pile o' Bones: Sleepy

seriously stop...

by cassanthia
Kass Basher: Special level Unlocked!

Who said unlocking the special level was rewarding? (

Written by: kaizen_boi and Art by: iggy___koopa

by kaizen_boi

Keep Calm and Kyrii on: Blunder Years

Her memories are a bit Fuzio.

by ahnyo

Welp there goes that

Also by mewemy

by marsbarss

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"Reginald Acorn's Case 4 : Cupcake Madness " by dtrg
Neovia, 15:30 I'm laying in my bed, staring at the roof of my room. I've been stuck in there for 3 long and boring days already and it doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon... My name is Reginald Acorn, I'm 20, a grey Gelert and I'm currently fighting a cold. I'm a detective working for the police force of Neovia. Three days ago, the boss and I had to hide in front of the abandoned asylum to catch all sorts of thieves, including the most annoying one you can think of. And by the looks of it, thieves aren't the only things I caught that night ... But, the good news is, we were able to recover a stolen locket and give it back to Vincent Von Verzweiflung. The look on his face when he saw the "treasure" inside was well worth this nasty cold. I'm getting all emotional just by thinking of it !

Other Stories


To Make a Serious King Laugh
Our story begins with Wyvve the White Draik, who was one of the prestigious knights for the honorable and intelligent King Hagan of Brightvale, as well as one of Hagan's favorite soldiers.

by fairy_350


Reginald Acorn's Case 4 : Cupcake Madness
Reginald's adventures as a detective !

by dtrg


Flipping Coins, Kissing Mortogs & Tyranu
There are two games in Neopia that are almost completely up to chance, and another game that mixes extreme chance with a bit of focus.

by zuniak


Ugga 10 Tyrannia ugga-ugg! (Top 10 Tyrannian Foods!)
A charming list of the best foods and snacks to enjoy when celebrating Tyrannian Victory Day!

by girlwithluv


Isolde and the Faerie Statue
The next week, after the disappearance of the statue, there was another article on the front page of the Neopian Times by Claudia Greenbate. It covered the story of the Dark Faerie statues around Neopia that appeared and disappeared almost at random.

also written by anachronisms

by tsiegred


The Greatest Show on Earth:Part Three
Hyoo took a sip of his Neocola, feeling despondent. He was sitting alone in a tavern miles from home, trying to drown his sorrows in food and drink. It wasn’t working.

by unfogging

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