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Spot the Difference Edition #9

Look around what do you see?

by not_sporty
Blossoms~ Games Night Part 4

It's not like I asked to be here either.

by twillieblossom
(Fools) Dinner with the Scarlets: No Dinners to Date

Yes, the Scarlets all eat on the same side of the table. Strange, I know.

by june_scarlet
Woes of a Mutant Uni

Clothing stores these days...

by krabbox
The Coconut Science Corner Presents: SKELETONS!

Behind the science

by korbat2_5
Faerie Unlikely

More like coco-not!

by keoshky
Space Faerie's Gracious Gift


by yodiee


by hamster_z
April Fool's Day: Mind Games

To eat or not to eat

by thegoddesofxweetok1
Lost at Sea

wanna hear a joke?

by flusia
Gardening Basics

All you need to know about gardening this spring!

by bobtehcat1
Random Oddness: April Fools

Please use this thumbnail for the comic:

by mistyqee
The Truth About The Kadoatery

How kind Neopians like you are funding Dr. Sloth's evil missions.

by _espy_

BREAKING: Secret Lab Ray Now Works On Humans!!

by jupebox
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"A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Twelve" by dudeiloled
"I have always dreamed of becoming your queen, ever since I was a little girl.” Princess Vyssa announced to the huge crowd of Neopets, a mixture of ordinary civilians and esteemed nobles, who were watching her public coronation intently. “Perhaps some of you will remember when I was declared heir to the throne by my father shortly before his death. Understandably, my father was not expected to die so soon after this – and I was but a child. It was then that Amira was declared heir. Princess Amira was a stable and peaceful ruler; she would have been the same as a queen. An old Sakhmetian law created at the time of Sakhmet’s origin prevented her from becoming queen without a king beside her. Because of this, Frezon was able to manipulate his way into the palace, and control her using a potion.” There were murmurs amongst the crowd at this comment, with many realising that all their questions were finally being answered.“At the time, the palace was unaware that this was Amira under the control of a spell. Princess Amira had been notorious for her rejection of suitors and this continued even when she was made aware of this law.

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Kauvara's Mixed Potions
A male Pirate Xweetok dressed in a Dapper Xweetok Trousers, Dapper Xweetok Shirt and Waistcoat, Explorer Backpack, Dapper Xweetok Shoes and a Cool Xweetok Wig just walked past Kauvara’s Magic Shop with his Petpet, a Snowbunny when he noticed a sign posted on the door.

by bubbles150


A Hidden Land: Custard World!
Hey, Neopians, I am Ron190 “Ronnn” the Custard Eyrie. Something you probably don’t know about, a very wondrous place, is my home, the land of Custard World, and that’s what this article is about. My gooey paws aren’t so good for operating a typewriter, so one of my friends, Robin329 the Custard Ixi, asked his Owner, mbredboy31, to type this up for me.

by mbredboy31


King Skaarl to be Replaced by Slightly Rotten Meat
BREAKING NEWS: King Skaarl, a most notable Neopian, known for being the King of Meridell is to be replaced by a slightly rotten half eaten turkey leg.

by stars4ever33


Shadow Play:Part Six
“How’s this for a study space?”

by cosmicfire918


Searching a place:Part Eight
Chapter 8. The Final Battle, Isla de Roo, Meridell and Brightvale.

Also by acespades1, charliews & hits

by nacil30

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