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The Ultimate Weapon

Some battledome items seems that haven't logic, but we love it

by rfe260302
Never give up!

collab with kaizen_boi

by libera_me

Where's Weewoo?

Can you spot the White Weewoo in this Winter Wonderland? Happy Month of Celebrating!

by starcature
A Tale of Tea: Part 2

Also by grimlane.

by dianalovee

Mynciana Jones 's adventures

oh snap

by famelik
Spot the Difference Edition #10

Can you find the 10 differences?

Also by Aritastic

by not_sporty

Logical Conclusion

check it out

by butterflybandage
Little Baby Buzz

He tried so hard, and got so far...

by deboratibi
Those walls, though...


by kougra_adoptables
A Normal Conversation with an Aisha


by vamica1000
Bottled Happiness Faerie

Where's my blaster!?

by hamster_z
So THIS is Adee.

The confusion is gone, but people still remember. And so does Adee.

by tangamandapiano
By the Book

by temporary_cruzee
Use Your Imagination

Some abandoned villages are more abandoned than others.

by shadowstrand
See No Evil

don't look!

by umbrex
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"The Woes and Wonders of the Lab Ray (Firsthand)" by klarevoyant
The first thing I noticed was the awful burning smell. It was unbearable. Something sizzled. I could hear crackling like lightning. My face was pressed against a cold, tiled floor. “…And she changes colour to Woodland!!!” My skin tensed up. It turned hard. The tension radiated from my chest out to my fingers and toes, as my skin seized up in wavy patterns like tree rings. I remember my tail used to softly flicker and blow in the breeze, but on that day at the Lab Ray, it solidified and began to sprout. My chest felt hollow. This is not how a normal Kacheek should feel, I thought. I don’t know why my owner Katie takes me to the Lab Ray. Usually I feel stronger or weaker afterwards, but occasionally my appearance changes altogether. Since my birth almost eight years ago as a Blue Xweetok, I’ve been: a Blue Kau, Ghost Kougra, Cloud Eyrie, Faerie Eyrie, Checkered Eyrie, Pastel Zafara, Island Zafara, Sketch Zafara, Biscuit Zafara, Red Shoyru, Red Kacheek, Snow Kacheek and on that fateful day, Woodland Kacheek.

Other Stories


Dracky's Tale!
The rules of the game were simple.

Dracky knew that all he had to do was scent to familiarize himself, and then go fly off around meridell in hiding while they came to find him. He knew this. Nanci had them all practice weeks before Meridell Day.

by lauren92_k


The Woes and Wonders of the Lab Ray (Firsthand)
The first thing I noticed was the awful burning smell. It was unbearable. Something sizzled. I could hear crackling like lightning. My face was pressed against a cold, tiled floor.

by klarevoyant


So You Want to Play in the Neopian Philharmonic?
While it is indeed impressive to start a band from scratch and have it premiere in a concert hall in Tyrannia, it takes great musical finesse just to be inducted in one of the most prestigious bands in all of Neopia: the Neopian Philharmonic Orchestra.

by nolsterbuckr


Dealing with winter blues
It’s that time of year again, with short days and cold nights. Day of Giving celebrations are over and now there is little to look forward to except the distant promise of spring, and the knowledge that the days are getting longer from here on out, even if the coldest months are to come. So what are the best ways of wrapping up warm and keeping cheery? Here we divulge some advice on dealing with the winter blues.

by smilingpony


A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Four

     General Hadon stood in front of Queen Sankara, arms folded. The Grarrl didn’t like the Queen, and it was relatively obvious from his previous workings with her brother, King Frezon, whom Hadon had admired as a war hero.

by dudeiloled


The Board Game Master:Part Five
Previously in The Board Game Master...

Roobina battled her way to the top of the Kacheekers tournament, securing her first ever trophy and the first of three necessary to achieve her goal of the Triple Crown.

by smoothie_king_xiii

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