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back in my day...

by sergente__hartmann
Daily Confusion

Garoodas cant move very fast but they hate it when you pick them up and start screaming at the top of their lungs.

by havocandchaos
Oh, uh, okay.

Atleast he didn't take my neopoints.

by aweber
On the First Day of Christmas

I got you s

Worked with astrobella & latrelstephen

by depraving

Defend yourself

Think fast

by lighters_
The Editor

Comedy is at an all-time low.

by trishabeakens
It's that time of the year again

Be careful to not miss a day of Advent Calendar!

by lucas_batista_7
The Lab Ray

Let me rephrase that.

by purplegirl_2012
Crazy for Nerks

When you become obsessed with Nerkmids...

Collaberation with annikkiadepp_

by innosently

Head in the Clouds: Christmas Special

Be thankful for your hard working loved ones this season.

by yoshisislandbandit
Sketchy - How to Get into the NT


by lennifer_jennifer2
(Almost) Everyone's Favorite's cold out here

by umbrex
Borovan Day Surprise

We all have that one friend...

by _forever__unbroken_
The Christmas Gift

Let's open this one..

by rafa_potter
Royal Oddness: Holiday Edition

That snowballed quickly.

Also by mistyqee

by winner19955

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"The True Meaning of the Holiday Season" by _brainchild_
Christmas morning had arrived, and Walda the Baby Kacheek felt a rush of excitement when she dashed down the stairs and saw presents with her name on them. Her sisters were sitting on the couch, drinking hot chocolate and eagerly waiting for her to open them. She grabbed the first box and ripped off the shiny wrapping paper. A stunning, wide-eyed doll was staring back at her. However, Walda still managed a frown. “This is the WRONG ONE!” she yelled grumpily. “I already HAVE this one!” “Then we’ll return it and get the right one,” suggested Chessella, her older sister. Walda wasn’t listening; her attention was already focused on the next present. She opened the box and started whining again. “These crayons aren’t GLITTER crayons!” she complained. “I asked for GLITTER!”Another sister, Chessangie, nudged Chessella. “Why’d you get her all the wrong gifts?” the former asked. “I can’t read her writing! She’s so young that she’s still learning how to write!” “Stop being a brat,” grumbled Maldice, Walda’s other sister. Walda had no time for reprimands. She tore open another box and found a bag of sugary gumdrops instead. “I WANTED CHOCOLATE! WAAAHHH!”

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The True Meaning of the Holiday Season
Christmas morning had arrived, and Walda the Baby Kacheek felt a rush of excitement when she dashed down the stairs and saw presents with her name on them.

by _brainchild_


A Rink Runner's Tale
It was a cold day in Happy Valley, not unlike many others this time of year. A layer of sparkly white snow covered the ground. Snowflakes flittered in the soft breeze and landed gently on the ground.

by unfogging


Happy Valley and the Winter Starlight Celebration
It is that wonderful time of the Neopian year, the month of Celebrating. The time where you can revel in all things festive and be involved in the Winter Starlight Celebration.

by dazical


10 Festive Items to Get You in the Christmas Spirit
It’s that time of year again. The snow is finally falling again, the Advent Calendar has given out tons of delightful gifts, and carols ring throughout the air.

Also by Also written by tsiegred & lookidontcare3

by breakeven


A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Two
Queen Nabile knew that her prison was not the standard. For starters, it was not down in the cells of Sakhmet, where she knew Tomos and Vyssa had stayed.

by dudeiloled


I'm a Faerie in a Bottle:Part Four
Our heroes escaped a herd of angry Tapira, survived a haunted and booby-trapped Temple and returned the Fire Rod to Tura-Kepek.

co-written with ___popo___

by grimmbones7

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