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Perhaps you should follow her


by lighters_
Neohome Sweet Neohome

When you always stay at the neolodge and forget you own a house

by eugenie247
The Healing Springs

But i'm healing you...

by illumiinate
Remarkable Restoratives

get ready for...

by kat_bus
Eenie Meenie

He can't make up his mind, mind, mind, mind, mind.

Also by gollyitsirene

by frankie8492

Silver's Reset Challenge #3

Beggars can't be choosers... right?

by kuroneko_kitty

You have to be careful the order in which you do your dailies...

by applejuicerain
Underdog Story

Everyone likes an underdog story...

by ketchup547
My Branches


by _gizmo_stern_
The Problem With Kacheek Seek

What it must be like to always stand out...

by sheepmad4eva
Decorating for Halloween

A little of this here a little that there.

Also by grimlane

by dianalovee

The Average and Unusual Neochronicles - Burger

They say you are what you eat...

Collab. Idea by darkobsession.

by celinedgd


Okay, you're not helping.

by hamster_z
Book Collection

Wonder what they all hold?

by lunabeach
Mystery at the rubbish dump

So THAT'S why nobody can find the avatar!

also by aephigaming

by annnoel

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The Hardest Ever Neopets Quiz?

Do you know your Meepits from your Feepits? Can you name every Neopet species by heart? Remember the start date of every event? It's time to test your knowledge of Neopets. No cheating, now - find the answers off the top of your head, or not at all! You may even learn something from the answers at the end.

Other Stories


A Princess and Her Struggles
You will make a great Queen of The Lost Desert when the time comes...

by kalir


Where are you, Caramel?
The touch of sun rays coupled with its warmness woke me up earlier than usual. I’m not exactly a light sleeper; my older twin, Caramel, could vouch for my grogginess.

by kikiyomi


Famous Boris Through History
All Boris deserve to be celebrated for Bori day! There are a few heroes...or villains...that deserve special attention on this day though and it is always important to know your Neopian past and what the greats have done for the world of Neopia.

by parshew


Cheap Ways To Make An Impressive Neopet
In a lot of ways, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and true beauty can only be found within, but when you hit the neoboards and everyone starts laughing at your basic Green Uni those ideas go right out the window with your self esteem. But what are you to do if you do not have a lot of neopoints, you spend your afternoons at the Soup Kitchen and a splurge treat for your pets is a single night at the roach hotel?

by luuuvmebabe


Hello Fellow Traveler:Part Two
As the Moonstone Islanders settled onto their new homeland, Jerdana offered to show Nera what all they had built.

by trishabeakens


The Princess and the Crook:Part Four
Wait… Whaaaaat? I needed water. I needed to get away from there. My head was spinning and I began sweating profusely. Why? Why? WHY?

by chlo26

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