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Forgotten Hunger

but wait...

by piratesy
Return to Neo #05

So that's what you've been doing with all our money...

by cami_v27
Maraqua's Unfair Advantage


Also by pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie

She adopted another Neopet

...and he doesn't play nice!

by xorag
Neopian Wishes: (U)UC...?

You mean like... un-unconverted? How would that work?

Written by 1337_masta

by glittery4u

A Weewoo writer issues

I'd like to file a complaint...

Also by tonyrichard

by dinha_reeves

The Aliens Giveth and the Aliens Taketh Away

What shall you give us this time??

by valleypark
Privilege of being a pea chia

...or trauma therapy?

by valokki
Bad Joke Hissi (Part Three)

You've heard of dad jokes; well now we have Bad Hissi Jokes!

by dukula
Virtually Impartial


Idea by d_a_r_e and relocating.

by butterflybandage

Scary Tree comics #2

Introducing SLIM & CHUNK! Poor Chunk...

by kaddisti
Rainbow Pool Troubles

What color are you exactly?

by liezelotte8
The Wishing Well

Give me everything that could ever possibly be collected please and thank you...

by rafa_potter
Map of Neopia

There's a few places I haven't been.

by feeshifeeshi
The Altador Cup Trophy

Impure minds are everywhere.

by anne77777
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Handling Your Team’s Loss in the Altador Cup

We’ve all seen the results, and you can do the math: there are 18 Altador Cup teams out there representing the lands of Neopia, but only one can take home first place. That means, most of you out there can't claim to have that shiny new gold trophy adorning your lookup. As with any sports game, tension and emotions run high after the finale of the season, and many normally Cybunny-sweet Neopians have become fraught with disappointment after their AC loss this year. For those unable to bear the frustration of losing, looking for helpful coping mechanisms, or just interested in the most effective ways to stay strong and support their team in the just-dawning post-season, I've compiled a list of the strategies I've found helpful in lessening the blow. I hope that some of them might help you all, too. Above all, remember: every one of the teams played hard this year and conquered many obstacles, and you should be proud of your part in the Cup, whether you're a starting player or a triple All-Star!

Other Stories


Another Night
Nuria was a traveler of the Lost Desert, a Fire Faerie enacting justice when she saw it necessary and retreating into the shifting sands when it was not. Sometimes, this meant disbanding bandit groups or safely returning cargo stolen by common thieves – mercenary work without the pay.

by hyzenthlay___


Usuki Singing Stars #42: Alan's Flu Injection
“Mommy, why are we at the doctor’s house?”

by downrightdude


Eleven Things All Kacheek Lovers Should Own
Kacheeks are arguably the cutest Neopet in Neopia. According to the Neopet Popularity page, Kacheeks are the second most created pets in Neopia! Almost three-hundred million Neopets created (not morphed or zapped through the lab ray), over seventeen million that have been created are Kacheeks!

Also by seanman1224

by indebtedness


Slushie Slinger Tips
Do you feel like you are useless at the game or do you want to score more so that you can make your team more likely to win the cup? Maybe these tips will help. But if they do not help, then thank you for reading this anyway and remember that practice makes perfect.

by thedancing


King Altador's Substitute
Queen Nera glanced up often from her painstaking work to watch King Altador and their teenage son, Alarick, play a competitive game of yooyuball. The sport was a popular pastime in the great land of Altador. The game of passing a yooyu around and trying to make it in the other team’s goal excited any Altadorian. Even the king himself grew fond of the game.

by trishabeakens


The Big Move:Part Two
I was happy to be picked to go to Mystery Island. Not only as my favorite cousins there but the sand between my toes and the tropical drinks always make me happy.

by hannahcreep

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