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Dab-ling in the AC

They don't stand a chance...really though

Idea by d_a_r_e and stoneyboloney

by butterflybandage

A Total Flop

My cup runneth over in all the wrong ways.

(also by minnesotan)

by rooftopchicken

Altador Cup Goalie Problems

It's hard to be a Goalie in the AC.. Idea by pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie
Allegiance Aggrievance

Choose your destiny. (before it chooses Yooyu!)

by kaploy9
Every time I play Yooyuball


by doug_henrique
Random Oddness

All-Star isn't for everyone.

by mistyqee
Practice Day - Altador Cup

Practice Day - Altador Cup

also by Sthephanie

by neschulz

I told you we should have moved by the Altador Cup


by canepa_diego
AC Insanities: Unfair Advantage

So much for fair play.

by andromedric
Sketchy - Altador Cup

Yooyu + Ball = ???

by lennifer_jennifer2
Th reason ths part of the year is not good

My pets don't like the Altador Cup, that's why we never achieve a good rank, and no good prizes :'(

by itsume_tao
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The Altador Cup: Two Yooyus' Perspectives

We’ve all read countless press releases, interviews, and news blurbs about the ongoing Altador Cup, and it is hard not to get swept up in all the excitement! But I am here to provide you with the perspective and opinions that no one else has sought after: the Yooyus themselves. Here with me are Alfie, a Darigan Yooyu, and Genevieve, a fire Yooyu. I’m going to dig down deep and get to the heart of Yooyuball itself: the Yooyus. NT: Good morning guys! How are you? Alfie: Good morning. A bit sore, honestly. We train all year for this, and you think you’re prepared, but once it starts you realize just how grueling it is!
 Ouch. Sorry to hear that. So tell me more about this training. I’ve never heard of it. Alfie: Well, just like the team players, we have to be ready to bring our A games when the cup rolls around.

Other Stories


The Love of Fans
Please be a Fire Yooyuball or a normal one, those are the best for a quick goal. The Yooyuball rose into sight...

by brokensilent


A Trek With Team Lost Cause
Sometimes team spirit is a little like a scorched chomato.

by mimitchi880


Comet's Guide to Faerie Bubbles
Hey, it's comet_rider2000, but you can call me Comet. Those who know me know that I used bubble-like portals to manipulate space and time! Well, one of the ways I keep my bubble abilities sharp is a game called Faerie Bubbles. It is a fun, but challenging game to play. I've gotten pretty good at it... I mean, all things considered..

by scechoi


Altador Cup Aspirations: Ranking Up
Altador is a place of many, many wonderful things. See some fantastic architecture, browse some long-buried ancient knowledge, sample some fine simply haven't lived until you've experienced your chef fry up an Altadorian cheese platter for you at your table! The inside of the cheese gets delightfully warm and melted, and don't get me started on the hummus. Mm-mm.

Of course, at this time of year, Altadorians only have one thing on their mind...that is, the Altador cup. It's an event centered around competition, honor, glory...and of course, the fantastically rare petpet known as the Yooyu.

by parasitequeen


True Beauty
Thank you Kitty for letting me use you and Tytono in my little story :)! And thanks to my neopets as well!

by kiki587695


Neovia's Corruption:Part Three
The rulers of Altador finally reached the famous town of Neovia. Thick fog slowly rolled through the deserted town, sending haunting vibes all around. It made both Altador and Nera uncomfortable. Only the sound of their footsteps filled the air. The silence had grown unbearable for the both of them.

by trishabeakens

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