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Dab-ling in the AC

They don't stand a chance...really though

Idea by d_a_r_e and stoneyboloney

by butterflybandage

A Total Flop

My cup runneth over in all the wrong ways.

(also by minnesotan)

by rooftopchicken

Altador Cup Goalie Problems

It's hard to be a Goalie in the AC.. Idea by pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie
Allegiance Aggrievance

Choose your destiny. (before it chooses Yooyu!)

by kaploy9
Every time I play Yooyuball


by doug_henrique
Random Oddness

All-Star isn't for everyone.

by mistyqee
Practice Day - Altador Cup

Practice Day - Altador Cup

also by Sthephanie

by neschulz

I told you we should have moved by the Altador Cup


by canepa_diego
AC Insanities: Unfair Advantage

So much for fair play.

by andromedric
Sketchy - Altador Cup

Yooyu + Ball = ???

by lennifer_jennifer2
Th reason ths part of the year is not good

My pets don't like the Altador Cup, that's why we never achieve a good rank, and no good prizes :'(

by itsume_tao
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"True Beauty" by kiki587695
A young female human who goes by the nickname of Kilala makes her way down the beautifully paved streets of Shenkuu while holding a small bag full of gifts in her hand. She had been exploring all around Neopia today and stopped at various shops to buy items for her Neopets. While walking down the street she gazes around with a look of admiration and appreciation swirling in her warm chocolate brown eyes. The landscape, the natives, and the food belonging to Shenkuu are uniquely exotic and different than other parts of Neopia; it is simply this reason why Shenkuu has become Kilala’s favorite city to visit. Whenever she’s given the opportunity to see Shenkuu, she is usually seen with her hyperactive and curious Spotted Lupe, Oemu. The two of them, when together, enjoy visiting Exotic Foods and bonding over a bowl of miso soup or Soba noodles. However, today Kilala is spending some quality time with her Faerie Xweetok Kirara and Kirara’s Petpet GinSakura. They started their day making breakfast together and bouncing ideas in regards to how they would spend the day together. After completing their dailies and earning a good amount of neopoints from playing various amounts of games, they started their journey in Neopia Central and began traveling from there. From The Lost Desert to Roo Island and now Shenkuu; the day has been wonderfully filled with fun and excitement.

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The Love of Fans
Please be a Fire Yooyuball or a normal one, those are the best for a quick goal. The Yooyuball rose into sight...

by brokensilent


A Trek With Team Lost Cause
Sometimes team spirit is a little like a scorched chomato.

by mimitchi880


Summer Vacation: Mystery Island Edition!
Summertime is in full swing in Neopia! Neopians are out and about in Neopia enjoying the warmer weather before Autumn comes again. Many Neopians like to venture to Mystery Island to take in the warm weather. They enjoy the white sands, clear water, the scenery, and the exquisite tropical foods only found on Mystery Island!

Also by seanman1224

by indebtedness


An Interview With the Former Captain of Team Meridel
A cheerful song is playing as the camera opens on a smiling reporter. The song fades away.

by rafa_potter


True Beauty
Thank you Kitty for letting me use you and Tytono in my little story :)! And thanks to my neopets as well!

by kiki587695


The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Nine
The throne room was the most lavish place Eunji had ever seen. Crafted out of expensive stone, every surface was painstakingly hand-carved and accented with gold, silver, and precious gems. A few scattered windows let in misty daylight, while lanterns filled in dark corners with a subdued glow. Altogether it seemed a grim room, where no thought was given to happiness or comfort.

by cosmicfire918

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