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Your Friendly Guide to Random Avatars: Part 6

There are some things in Neopia you just can't mess with, what a way to learn that lesson.

Also by hatsuomi.

by drabkin

Wrong time, Boochi

You came too late, Boochi

by quarbie

Stand back, I've got this.

by ketchup547
Pwned by the Kadoatery

Time to feed some Kads!

idea by sunshine482

by k3l26

Trip to the Haunted Woods


Also by Sakura5887

by freakmachine

Jealousy, Part 1

When my main account's permanent pets get jealous...

by valokki
Everything's a Sticker!


Also by ohmygirl

by shadowlugia_92

A Day in the Life of the Giant Omelette

Wait what?

by piratesy
Spring Cleaning


by sefryx
Random Oddness

But but you're a water pet...

by mistyqee
When Dynamites Plot

Sometimes, their deeds are conceived through great wisdom. Sometimes, they aren't.

by tangamandapiano
The Fanfiction

It's for fun, okay?

by trishabeakens
Jelly Woes

I don't know..seems kinda scary!

by imogenweasley
Sauce Packets

Resist the temptation

by bobtehcat1
The cutest prize

Awww it's squishy and cute...

by lighters_
Watch out!

How Psellia became the Protector of Altador

by orlovo
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A Outfits Guide for Hissi Day!

Hissi Fans from all over Neopia are always excited for every year Hissi Day! Today I bring some cool and different outfits for your precious Hissi(s)! I selected a section full of different types of customizations for your adorable little snakes. Remember, those are only suggestions, you can always add more items and take items from the customs (: Or mix it up with what you already have! Creativity is the limit. Let's go to the customizations: Ballroom LadyItems Used: Decorative Hissi Dress, Radiant Jewel Toned Wings, Dyeworks Blue: Magical Golden Markings, Lighted Globe Garland, Water Faerie Eye Shadow, Musical Jewel Wig, Decorative Hissi Necklace, MME20-S4a: Winter Princess Cape, MME22-S4a: Magnificent Ballroom Background, Dyeworks Silver: Golden Scattered Light Garland, Dyeworks Blue: Rose Gold Vases, Carnival Fan. Do you have an elegant lady?

Other Stories


Far away on a hidden island there exists a rundown laboratory. Run by a sketchy looking Scorchio this lab contains marvels of technology that are unseen by both man and Neopet! Or… At least it was supposed to be.

Collaboration with beachotte

by kazel98


Within the Archives: A Tea in Battle
"Are you going to war?"

by queen_potema


The Proper Perspective
My acknowledgement that we're all a work in progress.

by karlynne1964


Back From Hiatus... Now What?
Imagine this: the world has become a dangerous place and you must go into hiding. You must isolate yourself for the next year or two in hopes that the danger will clear out and it is safe to return home. The years fly by, and you’re now accustomed to this new way of living. But you miss your old home. The familiarity, the nostalgia – it calls you back. You don’t know what you’re up against, or if it even is safe to return, but you take the risk anyways. You emerge from the shadows, returning to your old land...

by _heart7


Rasputin's Revenge:Part Two
"Citizens of Altador, please remain calm!" Nera waved her hands around, trying to get the attention of her loyal subjects. They were chattering among themselves, terrified and worrying over the sudden darkness that lingered over their past home.

by trishabeakens


Of Silence: Signed and Sealed:Part Five
(Kanrik, 6:07pm)

     I’m positive that this is the last thing you want to talk about right now, and if this were any other day I’d force myself to keep my mouth shut, but... well, fate of the world and all, so...

by werelupecookies

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