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Mystery Island Party

Why codestones shake and paintbrushes hum!

by stunningful
Petpet Show-and-Tell

What an uncanny resemblance!

by sgerbwd
I didn't come to talk... I came to fight!!!


Also by mortalia_da_noite_11

by naama_mikeas

Captcha Woes

Sometimes being a blumaroo can be hard...or weird

by neopiantownsman
How to make: Chokato crepes

Now you can cook delicious crepes with some ingredients that you have surely have in your Safety Deposite Box :D

by neko_purrr
A Lesson on Ghosts

Whatever you give them goes right through 'em!

by fluffy91614

Still not sure how to pronounce Weewoo..

by draggi_pi2
This Is Snow Fun

Where'd you go?

Also by_interrupted_

by she_chose_love

To Please my Master part 1

The Swamp Ghoul is given a task...

by krabbox
Dice-a-WHO? #3

So have you adopted a Blumaroo pet yet?

Also by forever_be_us

by rayoceanweaver

Conspiracy Fire-ist

Normal faerie by day, ardent theorist by night.

by tellmock
Not For Everyone - Dramatic

I mean, how dramatic could a banjo be?

by asyanica
That's not exactly what I meant...

Taking Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies to a whole nother level...

by khanhm666
Petition against petitions

There is always something to complain about *complains*

by paperjeans

When are we having dinner?

by ssjelitegirl
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All that Glows is not Gold

Everyone knows the good old saying 'All that glitters is not gold'. That saying which constantly reminds you that not everything that looks precious ends up being as it looks. I know it and I can assure you I know the exact same sentence in three different languages. However, what happens when something glows but it's not golden? Or when something golden doesn't glow? Does it hold that 'All that glows is not gold'? Asking the real questions, it is finally time to test the hypothesis and find out, by inspecting items spanning from the realistic to the more abstract. The first items on the list are the most realistic and the most obvious. The Golden paint brush and the Glowing paint brush.

Other Stories


Winter's Wings
It was a cold day in Neopia Central, or so Winter supposed. The shops were decorated with a thin dusting of snow that only grew larger as more flakes continued falling.

by cruthmac


The Haunted Cave - Retold by Oira
As you walk into room number 292 at the Cheap Hotel - you would see a Regal Oak Wood Bed and a baby Kougra tucked in it - reading a book.

by alvissofcaldia


Top 3 Underrated Dailies
These dailies are left in the dark to those few who know about their greatness.

by fairygal626


Top Ten Most Frustrating Things Only Neopet Players
We all love Neopets, a tried and true friend for many years. However, like all great friendships sometimes things happen that really annoy you, things that make you think this is the straw that broke the camels back but then you hug and make up.

by tkprtyrhd


Giving Day at Black Keep:Part Two
The lord mayor had picked out some nice rooms for his friends on the same floor as the guest quarters Celice usually stayed in, and he and Celice enjoyed watching them admire the décor.

by cosmicfire918


Hitomi the Witch:Part Six

by downrightdude

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