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Spot the Difference! Vol #10 Solution

This is the last of the Spot the Difference series. I hope you have enjoyed it!

by snwarren
Today I learned! Book 8

Learning is fun - book 8 of 9.

Also by fluffyluloo

by syariesx

Ill for Good: part 5 - Cricky Neck

Okay now what?

Also by cherokee165

by sergente__hartmann

Guess the Character 3

Do you think you know everything about Neopia ? Time to find out!

by dtrg
An Obligation

We don't even look alike...

by butterflybandage
Take It or Leave It

Even the Pant Devil has trouble with inventory size.

by applejuicerain
Simple neopets joke #3

Get it???

by souxis
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles on Halloween

KC wonders something!

by pikemaster1
Dyeworks Struggles

But I look the best in blue...

Also by juli_sb

by khanhm666

High-Protein? Who Knew?!

Decisions decisions...

Also by itaela

by aeronamous

Makeup Madness

2 hours later...

by sallyneko
Hot Dog Hero

Have you heard of it?

Also by seluker406

by kat_bus

8-Bit Silence


by rawbeee
Snot what it looks like!

it's a bit slimy...

by hunnybunnie
"Plushie Tycoon"

You should not always trust a Skeith.

by lepetitpoulet
Elixir - Part 1

The doctor isn't feeling too well...

by hamster_z
Oxymorons - Kiosk Rolled

I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...

by kougra_adoptables
Eyrie Eccentricities 6 - Festival Freakout

Good intentions, poor delivery.

by 360spinfish
Battledome Adventures (2-2)

Just avoid the pie...

Also by waitwut101

by fleohr

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"Skipping School" by invalid
I'm Iciefur, an average faerie Xweetok. I have two sisters, a brother, and an owner. Okay, okay, normal Neopian family, right? Not so. Angeilyca, the perfect little angel Zafara, right? Uh-huh. Riiight. Angie spends all her time running away, getting into things she shouldn’t get into, and making a fool of herself. Like when she thought she could make a million Neopoints by displaying her atrocious - I’m sorry, I meant beautiful - singing voice on the main street in Neopia Central. I find it quite funny, and I am met with a scorching glare from my owner, Kate, whenever I laugh. Sheiluu, he’s the brother, and he’s the lab pet. He usually enjoys it, except when he’s weakened or turned into a girl. Then I can really get at him; you have NO idea how much fun it is to beat your older brother in a brawl. Oh, not to mention the fact he’s stuck with eyelashes when he’s a girl. He gets into HUGE temper-tantrums after some zaps. When he was a Ghost Yurble, it was almost frightening. Almost. But that was a while ago; he’s been Yellow for quite some time, so we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Miekeia’s a baby Kougra, but she’s the oldest. Boochi hit her a few months ago. If only you could have seen her face! While we were walking to the bookstore, that little baby Bruce pops out of the bushes and gets in a zap right between her eyes. A flash of light, and there Miekeia sat, her vividly electric body reduced to a big-eyed bundle of fur at our feet. I do give her credit, though: she got her poise back fast, and managed to pull off one good swipe at Boochi before he disappeared. She was seething with rage afterward. Now, she’s gotten used to it, but it’s still funny to see her beating the snot out of Meuka (literally), or giving me elder-sisterly advice, and she’s still only halfway to my shoulder.

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The Song
The song was beautiful.It was the sort of song that made you think of walking alone on a forest path in the autumn twilight...

by knannia


Usuki Singing Stars #41: Go and Fly a Kite!
"Did you see that man with the flying diamond toy?"

by downrightdude


Dessert Pet Care and You
Everything you need to know about taking care of your dessert based pets!

by zephagalatica


Tricks and Treats for a Halloween Feast
Halloween Food – Tricks and Treats

by megotchi


We Ought Never To Have Done It
Clarissa ran up the door, wrapped herself around the Crokabek doorknocker and slammed it against the wood.

Also by icanhaskaila

by emblo93


Master of Ceremonies
Yuruyuki flew through the air at incredible speed, passing the thousands of trees beneath us

by sin_hui_ryoma

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