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Riddle Time

Have you ever wondered?

Also by neptunely

by sportsaddict01

Too Soon?

It's always going to be too soon....

by o_babypet4me_o

And there it is.

by ssjelitegirl
Holy Kau, Don't have a Kau Man!

Happy Kau Day!

by keeperbaby
Dirt Pie

Thrifting is all the rage.

by gollyga97
Slush: Let's be honest...

Team Maraqua Edition.

by _torchic__
Villainous Apple


by voskit
Coffee Chaos

Someone's causing trouble, I wonder why...

by applejuicerain

Couldn't you choose another time?

by ealm528
A Kadoatie Dream

I believe I can fly!

by applefaerie99
Something rotten

When the cheese and rotten omelette looks the same...

Also by a_dragonjakelong13

by gnorbu_yarn

Go Team Lost Desert!

He's doing his best!

by angel_aura_quartz
What A Coincidence

No thanks...

by jjensen688
Everyone's a Critic....

Free Karaoke?!

Also by harper_1618

by sailorini_1

Thinking outside the box

Innovation at its finest

by _grizabella_
Two new avatars, yay!

I'm the kacheek.

by supertualet
Slushie Slinging Struggles

Enjoy your slushie!!

Also by somethingsosurreal

by ilovemykitties12

Ze Cool Kid - Unwelcome

A familiar face.

by krabbox
Eyrie Eccentricities 1 - Night of Sleep

Even darkness needs its rest.

by 360spinfish
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"I'm Your Biggest Fan" by cosmicfire918
"Ohhhh holy Kau did you see that goal by Hawkshanks yesterday?!” Terra squealed before taking another bite of her olive salad. “The one that tied the game?” her blue Grundo Hyren chimed in. “Yeah—and don’t forget about Kevix’s crazy pass in the last third! That Yooyu was about to explode!” He took a gulp of fruity nectar, then glanced down to make sure none of it had spilled on his vintage Team Kreludor jersey. Hyren and his family sat in Exquisite Ambrosia on a warm afternoon in the month of Relaxing, nibbling on tasty food and discussing his favourite topic this time of year—the Altador Cup. Hyren wished it would never end. Then again, perhaps it was a good thing it only lasted for a month, because for those thirty days he became a raving sports maniac. The Grundo sat back in his chair with a sigh. “It’s just a shame we lost,” he said. “And to Meridell, no less.” He spat out the name of the other team like it was a disease. His brown-haired owner chuckled. “Yeah, but look at how awesome Kreludor’s doing in the standings,” she said. “Also,” Blynn, his Disco-coloured Zafara sister said, “if you cared so much about winning, we wouldn’t root for Kreludor every year.” She crunched into a pita chip. “No, you’re right,” Hyren said. “It’s a matter of pride. I’m proud to support Kreludor no matter how they perform.” “Me too,” Terra said. “Gotta love a team whose colours are purple and orange. Not everybody has the audacity to pull that off.” Next to her, her faerie Draik, Pharazon, chewed ponderously on a hunk of cheese while he read a copy of Advanced Learning perched in his lap. “Would it kill us to care about being on the winning team just once, though?” Pharazon asked. “Or at least a different team?” Hyren shot him a glare. “Where’s your team spirit?”

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Despite the huge amount of people, she felt it had been quieter than usual for some reason.

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I'm Your Biggest Fan
Hyren and his family sat in Exquisite Ambrosia on a warm afternoon in the month of Relaxing, nibbling on tasty food and discussing his favourite topic this time of year—the Altador Cup.

by cosmicfire918


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