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Sunny Side Up

The real travesty here is the ruined breakfast.

by amarettoball
Don't Question the King

Nothing happens. Maybe you should wait a while before visiting the shrine again....

by carrotbreath
What A Nice Gesture

Giving flowers is wrought with problems when you look like a joker

Also by Ukases

by _starryeyedsurprise_

A Real Conundrum

Today's new users will never know the joy/struggle

by umhiimalexis
What are the Odds: Natural Flight

Sometimes change takes a while to get used to.

by malochroma
The Problem with Magma Pets

I never learn...

by scarlet_dissenter
Trudy's Expectation

In this world, it's surprise or be surprised.

Also by cloudypoogle and rooftopchicken

by lennekegirl123

Out of the Lupe - It's Time...

Featuring spiffy sunglasses and cannonball action

by memoure
Price of the Lever of Doom avatar?

Let's get real, how much is this gonna cost me?

Also by icygal2310

by shennyyy

Paint Brush Problems #57

It would be fun, they said.

Also by waning

by sophieauditore

My Rock

That's fine...

by cria_sherwood
How Not To Sneak Into The Magma Pool

Maybe not a paper bribe next time.

Also by mapthesoul

by brooklyn3223

More Than Meets The Eye - Introduction

Do they have to argue upon everything?!

Also by Im_Fariha

by cutecatty1

Humourless Aishas #1: The Health Food Shop

Some Aishas are quite funny, these ones are not.

by beagums
I'm Sure She Means Well...


Also by Pulc3tta

by xxxfenice_neraxxx

A Dangerous Game

So was it as easy as you thought?

Also by sanamm

by admonisher


Not good enough.

Also by coolnish_azn101

by hikariyugi_yamiatemu

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"The Slushie Slinger" by tallydepp
Kayennah the Krawk couldn't believe her luck! Ever since she was a little Krawk, she had eagerly looked forward to the Altador Cup every year but, being so young, she'd had to content herself with sitting outside the stadiums, straining to hear above the frenzied crowds in an effort to decipher what might have been happening on the pitch. She had been in a rush to grow to an age where she could finally enter the stadium and watch the matches from the stands, cheering on her beloved team Meridell. However, she had given little thought to how she would be able to afford match tickets. In fact, this small detail hadn't even occurred to her! So the start of the Altador Cup XI had been marred with disappointment that had come with the realisation that match tickets were most definitely out of her price range, given her paltry student budget. But Kayennah the Krawk was not a quitter and some ingenious quick thinking had found her enquiring at one of the Slushie stands if they needed any extra help over the Cup season. And miracle of miracles, Kayennah was hired! Yes, Kayenneh couldn't believe her luck! Not only was she going to be able to watch the matches, she was even going to get paid for it too! All she had to do was serve the odd slushie here and there. What could be easier than that? On her first day, Kayennah could hardly contain her excitement. She was one of many new trainees and, as she stood in line waiting for her new uniform to be handed out to her, she turned to the Neopet behind her. "Isn't this a dream come true?" she enthused. "Isn't the Altador Cup just the most exciting event in the whole Neopian calendar?"

Other Stories


Fyora's Day Off
All of the faeries in Faerieland look forward to many different events. Things like Fyora Day, Jhudora Day, Illusen Day, and The Faerie Festival are popular days that faeries spend all year looking forward to. However, there is a lesser known day that faeries also spend each year looking forward to, Fyora’s annual day off.

by she_chose_love


The Mark
It was a gloomy day. Alex the Purple Draik trudged home with a huge burden weighing on his shoulders. With his head hung low, and his feet dragging in the mud, Alex heaved a sigh. I don't want to go home. I'd rather stay here than feel the wrath of my parents when I tell them what I got on my test today...

by noel3840


The Neopian Pizza Critic
Good Day to all you Pizzaroo fanatics, Crust connoisseurs, and other aficionados of the wonderful world of pizza! I have dedicated my entire existence in Neopia to carefully sampling and critiquing all of the wonderful, unique, and in some cases downright bizarre flavors of pizza that can be found all over Neopia.

by robbie_roxburgh


Acaras A to Z
To celebrate Acara Aquatic Festival, or Acara Day, I have put together a list of famous Acaras, trivia and facts about Acaras from A to Z. Join me as we wander through the alphabet and discover more about this great species.

by aleu1986


Nightmare Masquerade: Part Two
Alas wasn’t the same after that night. She had been infused with a new vigor and a determination to get back to that room. Alas discovered that the Stone’s words did ring true, and every night that she returned to Bart’s Apple Bobbing Cart, she found herself once again embroiled in the nightmare she had always dreamed of.

by amethyst_81


Tribulations of a Quest Sceptic: Part Three
Locked in the Game Graveyard. Saba felt that perhaps Edna at midnight would have been a better bet than walking through a spooky row of graves, dedicated to games long forgotten and un-loved. She squared her shoulders, determined to be brave.

by anjie

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