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The AAA's Revenge

Also by icygal2310

by shennyyy

Fly High: Kadoaties

Don't you wish we ate as well as the kadoaties?

by linkxzelda666tingle
Totally Random Random Contest

Always read the rules...

by carrotbreath
The Life of an UC Pet

It's not all it's cracked up to be...

by littlest_wiley
A Cheaper Alternative

Well that's one way to do it.

by littledude61394
The Evolution of the Hoagie Kadoatie

If I fits, I sits.

Also by mapthesoul

by brooklyn3223

NeoPaper: Budget Cuts

Are you sure there aren't... erm... better things to cut first?

by mbredboy31
The Distraction Strategy

Now that's a foolproof plan.

Also by hottie_2004_67_888.

by bittersweet52

AC Woes

I did not think my position through...

by _starryeyedsurprise_
Just Kidding

Not cool, kid.

by cria_sherwood
How Not to Journalism

Tobias is gonna cut his losses and ignore that.

Also by minnesotan

by rooftopchicken

Just Another Day

In which the artist tries to draw with a mouse.

by miacirclegirl
Head in the Clouds: Souvenir!

That's a souvenir you don't want to keep.

by yoshisislandbandit
Don't Hug ALL the Quiggles!

I know, it's hard to contain your enthusiasm for Quiggle Day, but please try ^_^

by elipsis4k
Lame Pun: Altador Cup start

Now with 100% more beef

by blackaavar
Press Conference

Make Some Noise Techo is the tip of a very weird iceberg.

by porcelaincerberus
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"Tangor's Assistant" by theoriginaltali
There is a shop, a tinkering shop. This is where Neopians of all shapes and sizes go. They take an item, a clock, a thingy-ma-bob and see what Tangor can do with it. He fixes it, cleans it up and make it real nice so you can show your friends it looks brand new and unique once he is done! The line for his workshop is far out the door and from morning to night he has lots of customers galore. They love his imagination and what he can do, just with a few extra pieces or two. He was always busy, and not much time to snooze. Tangor was even a bit lonely too, even though he saw customers every day, they never stay very long. "I need a holiday, a break from work. A rest would be nice... but what about my shop? I can't close it while I'm gone can I?" Tangor said while thinking of ways he could escape to even just his bed! "Ahah!" He exclaimed, "I know just what to do! I will hire an Assistant to work here too!" That was just what he needed, someone to help with the work load and share his passion for tinkering and maybe be his friend too. So with the great idea in mind, he called up the Faeries over at the Employment Agency to advertise a job vacancy for him. Someone who loves tinkering and has imaginative ideas for toys. "This is great! They will advertise the job and recruit and interview for me, so now I can keep being a busy-bee" he said.

Other Stories


An Astronomer Among the Stars
She ran and ran and ran, eyes glued to the blaze of falling stars, until she found herself in her front yard, not that far away after all. The fiery stars ceased and bid her farewell for the night, but young Shasharah knew she would follow them for the rest of her life.

by meadow_lark


Old Lupe Balthazar
How had it come to this? Balthazar thought as he scraped the dried pumpkin off of his fence. A few years ago, he would have chased those pets off of his lawn without a second thought.

by gumgum101230


A Legendary Complement
An insightful evaluation of the legendary Altadorian petpets.

by skolver


Afternoons at Exquisite Ambrosia
A few weeks before the Altador Cup, before the mass migration of spectators, the teams themselves quietly slip into the city to gear up for the tournament. They train in the stadium and discuss logistics and regulations with the Altador Cup Committee—and when they need some downtime, they head to Exquisite Ambrosia.

by cosmicfire918


The Vine of Destiny: Book 1, The Apprentice Pirates: Part Five
As she continued her work, her sharp ears picked up the sound of footsteps approaching her house. A confused look crossed her face and she listened more carefully. It was unusual for anyone in the village besides her to be up at this hour, but it couldn’t simply be a group of young’uns looking to play a prank on her. The footsteps belonged to adult men, judging from the sound.

by teamchao466


The Moderately Evil Faerie: Part Three
Spite rubbed her eyes as she slowly began to wake up. The rising sun was filtering through the windows near the basement’s ceiling in a way that lit up the entire room. As she began to sit up, she heard Malice muttering under her breath.

by rocksysmom

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