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Time For A Change?

Also by icygal2310

by shennyyy

Avatar Addiction

Friends don't let friends get obsessed.

Also by Lyndsey4657

by pinksrainbow

Random Oddness

Brace yourselves, the Altador Cup is coming.

by mistyqee
Head in the Clouds: Dress?

He just couldn't find a toga.

by yoshisislandbandit
Ready For Combat

Fashionably ready, that is.

Also by erianoillim

by saudadesdagripe

Neocola Eating


by djones04
Just Jelni: Surprise Sister

What could be in the box? Open it up and find out!

by angul888
Time Capsule

That feeling when you don't log on in years

by creepyknees
Fishing Cavern of Dissapointment

They'll never know

by x0x_gina_x0x
Warf Rescue Team!

Hey kaddo, are you lost?

by supertualet
Robot Envy

There seems to be an oversight here...

by sn4zzeh
Be Extreme

You need a hobby.

by goldensif
Over at Meri Acres Farm...

What do we have here?

by toffeedatepudding
NeoPaper: Clickety Clack

Sorry, Thal, don't expect to get a straight answer to that.

by mbredboy31
How to Get Things Done

"Here's your round tuit, good sir."

Also by murillion

by shadowlugia_92


Gotta redeem those points soon...

by the_hoshi_pixi
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What Kind Of Pet Trader Are You?

Pet traders make me smile. I think their struggles to trade for their favorite pets is charming and cute, and I have a lot of favorite pet traders! Pet traders are all so unique, motivated and enthusiastic, and they inspire me every day! That said, I thought I'd write a quiz all about pet traders! What kind of pet trader are YOU? Complete the following quiz, and find out!

Other Stories


The Flight of the Court Dancer
The roar of those calling for her blood as she fled through the castle gates was deafening. She ran blindly through the Castletown, hiking up her skirts and hoping to Lord Kass that there would be no town guard to bar her way.

by drifbilim


The Tale of the Missing Tail
Alshena the Plushie Aisha held back tears as the other Neopets pointed and laughed at her. They were ridiculing her for a feature (or lack thereof) that she couldn't help. The poor little kitty had been born without a tail.

by _brainchild_


Just Have a Go!
Sometimes there were plots that just didn't make sense to me. Sometimes there were activities that I had no idea how to do. So I asked around and do you know what? I just HAD A GO!

Also by monosaccharides

by chiefgrumpy


Game Avatars for the Non Gamer: Part Two!
If you enjoyed last week's 'Game Avatars for the Non Gamer', this article is for you! Here are 7 more relatively easy game avatars for you to try out!

Also by salutation

by golvenzee


Clouds Over Cogham: Part One
Mer’s frantic pleading is swallowed by the lava along with the rocks that still fall from the ceiling. The heat from the volcano dries his tears to his cheeks, yet still isn’t warm enough to soothe the tenseness in his aching arms. His eyes are sore from the saltstains and heatwaves. His breathing is shallow and plagued with ash.

by theschizophrenicpunk


Cordilion's Big Adventure: Part Three
Now mid-afternoon, the musicians began to arrive for their pre-concert practice. Drums, guitars, pianos, flutes and even a triangle were all on the stage. Niv was among them, playing every instrument with ease. Cordie was amazed by it all. He liked these Neopets he had met.

by 77thbigby

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