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Also by Pinksrainbow

by lyndsey4657

NeoPaper: Repeat Cycle

Hooray! My vocal chords are saved!

by mbredboy31
Eclectic Antics: Lever of Doom

Avatar collectors are not mad. Okay, maybe a little.

Also by parody_ham

by amarettoball

Questionable Parenting

Our favorite sewage surfing Wocky has to babysit for an hour, what will he do?

by rebeccagirl
Apple Chia

Oh no....

Also by icygal2310

by chiefgrumpy

The Power of the Lips

Uh, everyone could use some?

by royal_real
Random Oddness

Doesn't matter if they're slightly used, right?

by mistyqee
The Source of All Things Wonderful

Ever wonder where all the Thyoras Tears came from?

Also by steve_km

by toffeedatepudding

Faeries and Their Quests

What do they do with all these items?

by brenda_bbm
Neggsweeper - A Game That Sweeps You Away!

Just my luck.

Also by Breezah_baby

by mustikeuh121

Why Kadoaties Don't Make Good Supporters

That's not really the noise we were looking for

Also by azusa_k

by brooklyn3223

I'll Throw a Party If This Works

Also by balynx

by bittersweet52

Squid Slippers: HP Hassles

Talk about playing favourites...

by cosmicfire918
Fishing For Trouble

Problems can multiply quickly. :(

Also by spurstrap

by suixx

The Secret of... Fish Neggs - Part 3

Wait, what? Why are we here?

by tigerkitten41
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"An Adventure Outside of Meridell" by pepper_imp
A golden morning gave Cadria faint hope that summer was fast approaching. May had come and gone with some frivolity; the temperatures had warmed considerably but had remained altogether unimpressive. Spring was lovely – quite lovely – but Cadria simply adored summer. The potential for troublemaking increased tenfold in summer, she mused, and, perhaps more importantly, one could go adventuring without a jacket. Cadria winced as her mother’s voice wafted through her awakening haze – ‘Cadria! If you think you’re leaving this house without a warm coat, you have another thought coming, young lady!’ Cadria knew from a tepid mixture of eavesdropping and bribery that her mother – meaning the best, of course – was considering hiring an advisory companion to keep her daughter in check. The very memory caused Cadria to flounce back onto her silken sheets in something of a huff. Eventually, having been brought a rather delectable cup of earl grey with lemon and honey, Cadria decided to prepare herself for the day ahead. She was meant to accompany her parents to Meridell, where they had been invited to yet another medieval faire in the castle courtyard. Cadria sighed as she examined her wardrobe. She had been to hundreds, thousands of medieval faires in Meridell. They were almost a constant feature of the city, and while they were not entirely without merit – Cadria always enjoyed showing off her talent with a bow, much to her parents dismay – they were simply boring to the high society troublemaker.

Other Stories


The Gifted Faerie
Professor Thierra sifted through the miscellany mess of papers on her desk, glancing up at Aleha in-between scribbles. The movement of the room was still for the present time; Aleha modestly preoccupied with her books and Thierra contemplatively preoccupied with her papers and Aleha.

by redken9x9


“Hey, where’s Flo?” I asked, suddenly realizing that the halloween Cybunny was nowhere to be seen. “Flo? Oh. She’s just out running some, uh, errands,” my owner said carefully. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. I wondered if she knew that she was as terrible at lying as I was at making questioning faces that looked threatening.

by butterfly7672


A Guide to Feed Florg
Are you on the lookout for a shiny new trophy to add to your growing collection? Are you looking for a fancy fantastic avatar to show off on the boards? I've got a wonderful suggestion for a game that will earn both for you.

by kelly_d60


The 5 Secrets of Winning Mynci Beach Volleyball!
In many other Neopets games, you need about 40% luck and 60% skill. But for Mynci Beach Volleyball, it is 99% SKILL and 1% luck. That is why many people still struggle to get the avatar (you need a score of 800+ for that), let alone winning a gold trophy.

by feedthefrog


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Ten
I dived to the left as Evrilin sliced his cutlass through the air. So fast, the engraved symbols on the blade were just one big blur. His laughter was muffled by the crackling fire ripping through the cardboard boxes and setting the wooden pillars ablaze.

by ummagine3284


The Ghosts of Roo Island: Part Three
I ran all the way to the carousel grounds. My legs were on fire, and my lungs felt I’d been painted Magma. Finally, I was came through the trees into the clearing, my legs feeling like they might give way underneath me at any moment. I slowed up, and rested against a tree to get my breath back before continuing on to the carousel.

by phoenix_through_fire

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