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Eclectic Antics: Neohomes

In other news, Neopian homelessness is now at an all-time low of 90%!

by amarettoball
Baelia's Burdens #2

It might be time for a trip to the dentist…

Also by alexipharmic

by certifiabletrash

Neolodge vs. Kadoatery

Ouch, that's gotta hurt

Also by chantili_doce

by tedypicker

Neopets Hint

Playing Dice-A-Roo is a good way to get food

Also by erianoillim

by saudadesdagripe

The Life of Fruit and Veggie Chias

We're just poking fun!

by flustre
Dr. Sloth's Invasion Army

Abort the plan, ABORT.

Also by sophieauditore

by iluminescent

Life As A Kad: The Struggles

Everyone knows that kads are challenging petpets to keep...

by anniversarium
NeoPaper: Question We All Wondered About

Well, now you know!

by mbredboy31
See, This Is Not Boring

Ugh, I made the wrong choice.

by goldensif
Hard Working

Or hardly working?

Also by parody_ham

by petpet_92_24

Durian Difficulties: Part 1

Super Durian to the Rescue!

Also by bha288

by joslucca3000

Mud Coffee

And he melts in the rain, too.

by goron0000
The Magma Incident

Be careful what you wish for...

by waternymph12
The Struggle With Snowwy

I just don't get it.

by brooklyn3223
Random Oddness

Her hair is more accurate than the weatherman.

by mistyqee
Gaining a Level in NeoQuest

How about not so loud next time?

Also by murillion

by shadowlugia_92

Mean Grarrls

Green is clearly the best colour.

by cyallia
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The Funny Habits Of Avatar Collectors!

Someone on the Neoboards made an astute observation, one that was so true that I gaped at my computer screen for a few seconds, then typed back that I completely agreed. Her observation was that people, no matter how many expensive and rare avatars they already own (such as "MSPP" and "Super Attack Pea!"), always use their latest achieved avatar, rather than their rarest. For instance, instead of using their "MSPP" avatar, they'll use their latest game avatar, such as "Carnival of Terror."

Other Stories


Gieva's Story: A Dream Come True
“Gieva! Oh Gieva, where are you? I’m so worried!” Gieva’s owner cried out. “Scampy, whatever are we going to do? She’s so small and petite swimming out in the big ocean, who knows what might happen.”

by incheesuswetrust


A Day in the Life of a Kougra
Hi everyone! My name is Siraelas and I am an ordinary blue Kougra. I was born on Mystery Island on the 24th day of Swimming, Year 7. I’ve lived at 155715 Coconut Road (Mystery Island) all my life with my owner, Jen (who also goes by the name siraelas, oddly enough). I like gathering food (a trait I share with Jen) and when meeting others, I am very friendly (unlike Jen, who is quiet & reserved).

by siraelas


Secretly Available or Just Showing Off? The NCC Guide to “Not UFT” Lists
Trading Neocash items can be a tricky business. The NCC (Neocash Chat) board is one of the friendliest places on the site, but the very nature of trading items that cost real money makes for frequently contentious issues. One of these issues is the existence of “not UFT”, or closet, lists.

by rayoceanweaver


An Avatar Hunter's Letter to the Spacerocked! Grundo
I'm sorry sir! I'm only trying for the avatar! I can pay to fix your very nice spaceship- Kneezles, run.

by beagums


The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Two
I felt like I had been struck by a wall of bricks. Everything crumbled, and I plunged into a nightmare. I vaguely remember the teacher shrieking as a strong arm yanked me from the floor, his merciless glaze looking down on me.

by ummagine3284


Duplicity: Part Twelve
Giles ran over to his freed father and jumped on him with open arms the moment he saw him. The small Xweetok smiled as Garrington weakly ruffled his mane. Dark circles surrounded the duke’s eyes. His wife, the duchess, pinched her nose and nodded along. “Yes, yes, we miss you very much. I think the dungeons have done a number on you.”

by likelife96

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