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Lame Pun: Doing The Books

I'm Kinda Sorry For This One

by blackaavar
Eclectic Antics: Save the Chocolates, Part II

But the real question is: can you really use a frying pan as a weapon?

by amarettoball
Badly Armed - The Shoe Lace

Life isn't always easy.

Also by tedypicker

by sophieauditore


A new bow for my gallery!!

by franzgirl
Walein Away

So, when you said I was going down...

Also by minnesotan and cloudypoogle

by certifiabletrash

The Perks of Having Petpets: Pick Your Own

A Uni and her Warf discover that you can make and break a fortune within the space of 10 seconds!

by xirco
A Thief's Life - NO CHEATING

For the love of Fyora...

by yoshisislandbandit
Bite It As Hard As You Can!


Also by chiefgrumpy.

by joslucca3000

Dungeon Games

Not the most welcoming setting.

by piratevam
A Treat

What happens when King Altador runs out of gifts...

by cherokee165
Furniture Shopping

That little fruit bowl...

by ketchup547

Come on, bee serious.

by catanator500
Party Zafara

Balloons! That could certainly make a party pop!

by dash_p
Tough Competition

Also by alyndasgallery

by brooklyn3223

Past Experience: Jellybeans

The true face of jellybeans.

by scribblecop
Mean Grarrls

That'll teach him.

by cyallia
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Petpet Matching for the Permanently Indecisive

Have you ever looked at a pet, paired with their petpet, and thought "They're perfect together!" only to do it yourself and find that "perfect" match to grow stale in a short time, maybe it just didn't "work" with their character, or maybe you just flat out decided you didn't like it? Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to state loud and clear you are not alone. I have struggled with this for ages (and to some extent I still am!) and have compiled an array of solutions to consider when chasing that dream of getting each and every one of your lovely pets their perfect petpet. Read on and hopefully I can lighten the load, since finding the perfect petpet should be fun not stressful!

Other Stories


Food For Lunch!
. "Oh, Lunch," she replied, "you wouldn't like shopping, you're far too timid for those busy shops. Look at how everyone is pushing past one another, just to get the most expensive things on sale! No, you wouldn't like it one bit." They were sitting on the grass by the fountain of the Neopian Neolodge. A crowd had formed outside the nearby post office.

by tallydepp


Not Always as it Seems
Lilly the Ixi grew up as a wealthy pet. She always had the most expensive customizations,her stats were always on top and she had her wings professionally groomed so that they'd glisten as she flew across Neopia. Even the Faeries were jealous of her beauty.

by extreme_butterfly


The Definitive Ranking of All Neopian Coffee Shops
Don’t have enough time to brew your own coffee at home? Consistently disappointed by your vain attempts to recreate your favorite coffee drinks? Need to go on a budget because of all the whipped cream you keep buying for said recreated drinks? I can’t help you with the last thing, because this article is all about how you should spend your money. Specifically, for spending it on coffee.

by bizniscorg


“Like the Battledome, but a Bit Friendlier”: An Investigation of Secret Competitions
But before I could get up to leave the coffee shop to find inspiration for another poem to submit to the Poetry Contest, I witnessed a strange and even unusual occurrence. I was unprepared for what happened as an Elderlygirl Xweetok ordering at the counter, met the gaze of a small Krawk who was entering the premises.

by peacelovebliss


Sir Tormund Ellis: A Documentary: Part Three
Tor was the first person I saw after I had fallen from Faerieland, and I'm honestly really glad about that. Partly because a huge part of me was worried that everyone else in the kingdom had been possessed the way my mentor Seradar was, but also because, honestly, I don't know how I would have survived that first monster attack without his help.

by theschizophrenicpunk


Duplicity: Part Nine
At the royal library, Lisha shuffled through legend after legend where any demons or wraiths were mentioned. She had already amassed a tower of books on the identification of so-called “evil” magics and spells, which had grown so large its structural integrity was faltering. The books she had read were thrown in a huge pile on the ground.

by likelife96

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