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Pant Devils Pants

The Pant Devil steals back what is his.

Also by sage254

by sophieauditore

It's So Cutie!

Don't let appearances fool you.

by saudadesdagripe
Detective Alisha: Special Guest Part 1

Two heads are better than one.

Also by xale22

by roxanna203

Eclectic Antics: The True Ghoul Catchers

Even the Ghoul Catchers outsource their work.

by amarettoball

On top of Terror Mountain...

by twillieblossom
The NT's Best Secret -- Until Today!

Country music and Aishas -- 100% guaranteed to tip the scale in your favor!

Also by minnesotan

by certifiabletrash

#LDN - Plan

The plan unfolds...

by gorubeza
Random Oddness

Moral of the story - don't trust strangers.

by mistyqee
Evil-opia: Names

It's hard to stand out.

by mucka33
Ink: Full Circle

Then we'll find a way to tell your story.

by june_scarlet
NeoPaper: Symol Logic

Who writes the rules, anyway?

by mbredboy31
Mysteries of the Kadoatery

Feepits aren't as innocent as they seem

Also by bha288

by mandypandy667

Haggling with Kauvara

Kauvara really doesn't need much persuading

by waternymph12
What Ever Happened to Galem Darkhand? - Part 1

The mystery of the Ice Caves plot . . .

Also by iciclefaerie05

by chai7705

Lame Pun: Jelly Wor-

Where is everyone?

by blackaavar

Bunch of tomatoes = Infinite tomatoes!

by chemoi
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"The Unsettling Aftereffects" by jannafer
The investigation had taken longer than most, but eventually Martenik had narrowed it down to two suspects. One of them had certainly stolen the Air Faerie’s blue topaz crystal. Gohk, a checkered Tonu wearing a bright set of Pant Devil shorts, sat in front of him for another round of questioning. “So,” began Martenik, “You were there at the banquet for the entire meal. You stayed for dessert, you got the Air Faerie’s autograph, and then you went home. Is that right?” “Yup. That’s it,” Gohk rasped. “What was for dessert?” asked Martenik, out of curiosity. “I, uh… well, I don’t remember, exactly. After so many banquets these past few months, all the menus seem to blend together. You know how it is.” Martenik actually had not been to a party or a banquet in at least two years. This crime-solving business had taken up so much of his time, he often had trouble remembering just what Neo-year it was. And that Pirate Aisha Morphing Potion he’d taken last week had left him with the strangest ears he’d ever had. With any luck, he hoped, his owner would soon change him back to being a Skeith. He allowed himself a moment to reminisce. (Those had been some handsome ears, back then. And the teeth, too! I could eat anything!)

Other Stories


Plight of a Knight
The chains jangled on my legs and wrists like bells. They had blindfolded me, but a musty scent told me wherever I was going was grimy and cold. The guide beside me kept a firm grip on my arm as I inched along, as my body moved me forward in spite of myself.

by darkpixie28


The Unsettling Aftereffects
The investigation had taken longer than most, but eventually Martenik had narrowed it down to two suspects. One of them had certainly stolen the Air Faerie’s blue topaz crystal.

by jannafer


Conspiracy Files of Brightvale University #1
Trust no one.

by parody_ham


Shopkeepers: The Truth Behind the Counter
And then I did a double-take. Because the shopkeeper was none other than Fyora herself. Her Royal Faerie Highness was standing there behind the counter, waving as I left the store dumbstruck. What was the Faerie Queen doing tending a small shop in Altador, waiting for passers-by to peruse her employer’s selection of partially-eaten omelettes?

by cosmicfire918


Lord Faerigan - Fyora's Role in the Meridell Wars: Part One
rincess Fyora noticed a Korbat, seated on the grass, eyes toward the ground. She could not bear to see someone so lonely and downcast so she quietly flew over to his side and tapped on his shoulder. The Korbat slowly raised his head, greeted by Fyora’s outstretched hand. He stared for a moment and then shook his head.

by black_skull725


Strange Strangers: Part One
But then again, experience has taught me time and again that it isn’t size, but how one handles yourself in situations. Which proved its point almost immediately after that.

by yin_yin_7

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