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Let's Dance!

That's just not how this works.

by wokitana
Blossoms~ Retry Part 7

I suspect it's those mood swings of his. ... He still has those, right?

by twillieblossom
Edible Escapades: Part Four

Don't judge a treat by its shell.

Also by priscent

by msjanny

Empty Bellies, Empty Pockets: Part 2

I’ll pay him to stop singing.

Also by bha288

by mandypandy667

Playing Favorites

Don't try to deny having a "favorite pet". It's pretty obvious.

by amarettoball
Coconut Shy

Try again?

by fourin

How embarrassing D:

by _clement_
Timing is Everything

*sigh* It really is.

Also by blue_star_51

by new_perspective

Aisha Soup: Wig Out!

Toupee or not toupee?

by the_shii
Dinner with the Scarlets: Wearable Woes

Tired of sad Grey ‘pets? Time to turn that frown upside down!

by june_scarlet
The Zaf Girls

Good trick.

by thesovietivan
Make It Stop!

The woes of a mewbie.

Idea by lifeguard1993

by aupins

Sloppily Colored Funstuffs

The only time Karow shows emotion.

by thesevenwonders
Baby Hair

Don't play hide-n-seek with a baby Jubjub ;(

by cardinally
Avatar Pet Problems

Please no more popcorn!

by aynathie
The Not So Dangerous Fall

Sometimes in the light of danger, logic tends to fly out the window.

by roxanna203
Count Ariathia

Well... That's not what you want.

by moonlitennight
Don't Be Lazy, My Friends!

Always do your work! Otherwise it won't be done the way you expected...

Also by strandbikini

by kuschelalarm

Stay Strong with Team Brawn: Random Events

It could always be worse...


by alexise1998

Avatar Madness

Um... I may need some help.

by mustikeuh121
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Gifts for Draik

When a Neopet species day is coming up, do you always wonder what gift to get?What do you get for the one that`s crazy about Kougras, or loves Lupes, or think Acaras are amazing? Now that Draik day is upon us, I have put together this article to help you find a great gift for your Neofriends that adore Draiks. Whatever your friends interests or personality, you are sure to find the perfect present for them within this list. There are gifts for the booklover, the battler, the gardener and the collector! Grab yourself a Draik Lollypop and let`s dive in!

Other Stories


A Day in the Life of Jeronie
What an exhausting and frustrating day. My day off and I spent it cleaning out my overly stuffed safety deposit box. If only the first thing I had run into hadn't been my stash of smug bug sticky paper. I am glad no other Neopians stopped by to see me. First I got one stuck on my foot, and while trying to remove it got another stuck on my left paw. My teeth finally got me out of that situation. Where did the rest of the day go?

Also by starburst_cutie

by applefaerie99


A Dazzling Draik's Dilemma
Flor continued to grumble as the three ventured through summery scenes. Eventually they reached the Trading Post. "I'm parched!" whined Flor. "I need something, anything to drink!" Then she spotted the Pink Draik Morphing Potion. She grabbed the glass bottle and chugged it. Christine and Nadaba gazed at her in horror. "Flor," started Christine incredulously, "did you even pay attention to what you just drank?"

by _brainchild_


So You're Having a Bad Day
Dedicated to any Neopets player who's had a bad day. That means you.

by ellbot1998


The Secret Lives of Invisible Pets
With a little saving you could have your very own invisible pet! However, it’s just possible that when you paint your pet, a little more goes on than you had first expected…

by katzam


The Trouble with Tridents: Part One
The seashells, in all the different colours of the sea, glimmered beautifully on the shelves. The counter looked cleaner than usual, free from clutter except for the latest news articles about current seashell trends. Outside, the sunrays were perfectly lighting up the shop front as usual.

Also by scherwoodz

by winterdreary


After ACX: Part One
When it comes to the Altador Cup, there is no shortage of comment pieces from a wide variety of sources. But in every story, one viewpoint is missing. This is that missing viewpoint.

Part One - Snow

Also by lil_em06

by swimmingstar01

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