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Doc's Oddessy Part 5 - The Thrilling Conclusion!

Doc made it to the pitch meeting! Will his machine work?

Written by Homsar_Eggplant

Drawn by Fhujmasterofhedgehog

by fhujmasterofhedgehog

Blossoms~ Retry Part 3

I apologize in advance for panel two.

by twillieblossom
Selfie Moment!

But first, let me take a...

Idea by sppyder2

Drawn by susy_ti

by sppyder2


Yes, I Own One

by mustikeuh121
Why There Can Only Be a Super Attack Pea! #4

There can only be one.

Written by praline01

Drawn by industrial

by industrial

Detective Alisha: The Red Apple 2

That was an unusual thing to say...

by roxanna203
Great Deal of Help You Are...


by chylaira
A Buzzword

What do you get when you combine...

by lizzbear_
Pheyz and the X-Lab-Ray

Um... Wrong ray.

Also by blonde_and_lovin_it2

by tizzlestix


f it's any consolation, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Also by victordoid

by msjanny

Cheaper Than Dirt

You've got to love a good sale.

by mythicalcanadian
Do Not Awake The Snowager!

Please, sir!

by kjjdavid
The Breaded Fashion

Choosing a new color is a piece of cake!... or some other baked good!

by fanofjake
Kiko Pop

The real reason Kiko's wear bandages...

by khakio_21
Phosphofructokinase Diaries: Inspiration

Feeling inspired?

by parody_ham
Uh Oh!

... Whoops.

Idea by Kacheeks_da_bomb

by kaddisti

Aisha Soup: Siren's Song

Didn't quite SEA the problem...

by the_shii
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Top Ten Items For Blumaroo Day

With the excitement of the summer beginning to dwindle down, we can’t forget about one very important holiday: Blumaroo Day! If you own a Blumaroo, you may just want to spoil them. I’m here to help you do just that with a list of top ten Blumaroo items in Neopia.

Other Stories


Transformation Misunderstandings
Ophelia the Kyrii was doing what she did best and seemingly without end: talking and brushing her hair. Morry didn’t know how she had the hair or the vocal strength to keep going on like she did, but she certainly did keep going, with a big smile on her face to boot.

by hybatsu


The Curse of Knowledge
In Faerieland there is an old custom that is still followed by all Faeries. When a Faerie Neopet is born, the newborn will be blessed with a special gift by a certain Faerie. Depending on the month they were born. The Water Faerie who blessed Arianna, her name was Peritia, spend a long time looking at Arianna when she was placed before her. "She needs a very special blessing." Peritia had whispered and finally she smiled.

by orisasda


A Beginner's Guide to NC Trading
Did you win a Basic Gift Box from Trudy's Surprise? Have you wandered over to the NC Mall Chat, only to find yourself bewildered by the lingo and conventions? Welcome to my Beginner's Guide to NC Trading.

by swordlilly


Interview with the Darkest Knight
The Darkest Knight is not a very well known character, but I'm here to shed some light on him!

by gorubeza


Mother's Balloon: Part Nine
Reyela looked from Kougra, to Kougra, to Yurble hoping for an explanation of the oddness that was unfolding before her eyes. She was provided with nothing of the sort, until the party began to move again and she got to speak to Medis.

by dewdropzz


The Sorceress and the Prisoner: Part Five
Jeran stared at himself in the mirror. He was wearing his full, steel armour. As he put on his helmet and held both his sword and shield, he saw himself for who he really was. A knight of Meridell, strong on the outside, but breaking on the inside.

by dudeiloled

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