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Imiya Is Asked a Question...

We hope she gets it right...

Also by vincent7577

by msjanny

A Holiday Heist: Part 1

A Perfect Plan

Also by 0llyness

by paws265

Turmaculus Misadventures

Patience is a virtue.

Also by sarah2396

by bha288

twinsies: THE SECOND ONE


by durrhurrhurr
Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Why yes, it is my birthday.

by stoicjohn
Feathered Friends

I'm loving the festivities!

by elipsis4k

There was an opportunity and he took it!

by chemoi
The Hidden Tower Fiasco

Guess what!

by artemislknight

Wait, is Tombstones doing chores?

by ghostkomorichu
Grarrl Intervention

First it was my spooky candle...

by pancakesatthedisco

It IS Tyrannian.

by chocolatelovernana
Dinner with the Scarlets: Grave Danger

Then again, I don’t know if Kell and Corbin could have trained a Petpet to set up those Musical Plants anyway.

by june_scarlet
...THAT Was Anticlimactic!

I hope I get it today!

Also made by 987654321_hj

by habitualcupcake

Revenge of the Fir

Not everybody is excited about the month of celebration...

by kristofferson
Poisonous, Dung, or Lime?

Personally, I'd have gone with Strawberry Jelly but hey.

by cloysterbell
Darkest Corner

All about robotic malfunctions...

by dark_elfa
Now That Habitarium is Gone

Do you ever wonder...

by cinnamon_girl
Ooky Spooky

Who knew a Brain Tree quest could be so easy?

by wicka96
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"You Snooze, You Lose" by the_lady_j
A long time ago in the kingdom of Meridell, or perhaps it was just yesterday, before the grumpy Old King Skarl became grumpy or old, he held another of his famous festivals. It wasn't famous for any particular reason, he just enjoyed hosting happy occasions full of lots of...

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Surprise, Surprise!
As he was dreaming about battling a strange Chia warlock with an even stranger moustache, he was woken by a loud rap on his door.

by psychedelicreature


You Snooze, You Lose
King Skarl stifled a laugh. He's not competition, he scoffed. Eating berries in the Turmac Roll was hardly practice for a contest of this magnitude.

by the_lady_j


Pesky Game Avatars - Snow Wars II Edition
Winter festivities and snow are going to be upon us in no time (or maybe already are!) So let's get a new avatar to show off for the occasion!

by fr0zenpeanut


The Top Five Best & Worst Christmas Toys for your Neopet
Why should we give our Neopets LOUSY TOYS?

by liesl_1997_11


To Space!: Part One
The orange Aisha lay out on the roof of her Neohome, blue gaze sad. For the last six months, ever since her twelfth birthday, Brandi had had a new obsession: space.

by 77thbigby


Of Menaces, Hopes and Icky Space Food: Part Six
"Alright, paws in the air and spare me the screaming, it'll just make you look stupid," a familiar steely voice ordered. "We are taking this station over in the name of Dr Frank Sloth."

Art by ssjelitegirl

by ssjelitegirl

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