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Trifling with Trifle

Something has happened!

by alex9292
Underwater Fishing With Glumpkin

Be careful what you fish for...

by ragecandybar
Meet the Villains of Neopia

I will take your Neopoints.

by triteleia
Problems with Gourmet Foods

I'm hungry.

by nycflowergirl
Queen of Fishing

I'm going to catch the biggest fish!

Idea by christinehmackay

by tsuki_the_noodle

The Adventures of Zarugene and Dunestar: Part 2


Coloring and thumbnail by mucka33

by gorubeza


Use those muscles!

by msjanny
Usul and Kacheek about hobbies

Idea by spirochetes

by linnipooh

Technical Terms

You asked for a coffee!!

by crainwater

Boochi!!! Why you little...!!!

by flusia
The Overly Ambitious Kacheek

Misadventures of one very ambitious chocolate Kacheek!

by meghaanlee
Too Silly To Care

Revenge isn't always that sweet--or is it?

by nikkis_
Disturbing Quests

Those Haunted Wood Quests can be a little disturbing at times...

Story by brandon00000119

by mandypandy667

Eat Rocks

Chias are building up their defense mechanisms...

by irasshai
Handmade Gifts are Always the Best!

"Hey, I put a lot of time and thought when I was making this one..."

by supremity
From a Korbat's Point of View

Ummm... It mutated into a real Marshmallow grundo. Sure!

by goooodie27
Faeries Are Evil

Grundos and faeries have joined forces, apparently.

by nikipinder
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"Redemption" by catchinglights
"Excuse me, mister," a voice with a childish lisp inquired from somewhere below and behind Gormos's elbow. His shoulders tensed and he turned to face the brat that dared to interrupt his thought process. The speaker was a tiny red Grundo, who squealed when Gormos turned to face him. "I knew it! I knew you were Gormos! You're my hero!"

Other Stories


Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XVI
"By Fyora's magical socks, it is him," I said, flabbergasted. "You'd think he'd know better than to come back here."

by kristykimmy


Making a Name for Herself
"I have to admit," said the newcomer, "that is the most impressive collection of wings I have ever laid my eyes upon."

by liouchan


The Villain’s Editorial
Enjoy the rest of your precious editorial! Mwahahaha!

Art by june_scarlet

by june_scarlet


The Gallery of Lesser Evil
Those lesser known villains going about Neopia and causing trouble as well.

by noxlyx


Faerie Wars I: The Six Kingdoms - Part Ten
Fyora abandoned her illusion, and was suddenly standing alone in her tower. She sank to her knees, and her hands shook terribly...

by kioasakka


Fireballs Among Friends: Part Four
Esmeralda said, "Look, Father! Mama let us have coffee!"

by saphira_27

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