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Boochi Meets NQII

Outside the pyramid...

Idea by fia_tje

by aniaki86

Lame Pun: Getting A Head In Life: Part 3

Can you help?

by blackaavar


Idea by sixthe

by passingover

Visiting the Symol Hole With Glumpkin

Not again!

by ragecandybar
Truth About the Relic Paint Brush

Relic would be awesome!

Written by blue_eagle16

by gypsychic420

Hanso - a Guide

A guide to the visage

by marzipan
Wez's Pets

Never have a sleepover...

by wezzled
No Questions Asked

Even the darkest individuals have an imagination...

by mike11695
Two Cents

Can I have mine scrambled?

by dynamo50
The Goofers

It forces us to relent...

by lintsuf
Neopian Anomaly

The product designer at Gormball, Inc. got SUCH a complaint letter.

by lizica166
Cavities: PB&J Cookies

Always check before you eat.

by thegoddesofxweetok1
Don't Mess With Me!


by _koolness_
(IN)SANE- Underwater Fishing

151, to be exact.

by rocksockgirl95
Heroes of Kiko Lake (Part 3)

That's not Sloth, that's my petpet!

by noobspeak
Just Sit

That new scarf is so cute!

by katopia12
Food Competition

At least it's healthy, right?

by leites
The Derpnuggets

Never trust'th a jester.

by neojedi11
A Spooky Halloween, pt 2

A few extra witnesses.

by ghostkomorichu
A Question of Loyalty - Part 1

What're you doing here so late?

by crainwater
Random Oddness

Fruit trading is going to be the new thing.

by mistyqee
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Things We're Looking Forward To!

I was chatting on the Help Neoboard one day when people started discussing the things we still want, such as new competitions and new avatars. It got me thinking, what are some of the things we still want TNT to create? I decided to trek to the Neoboards and ask everyone to propose their ideas!

Other Stories


Battle On - Pajeridy's Fight
I was ready now, you better believe it! I hounded Carizeecrow until she finally gave me a few neopoints to go and buy a little armor.

by carizeecrow


His Last Blast
The barren and desolate landscape of Kreludor was the only thing to greet him as he landed. Grey, rocky, and wasted land continued on for as far as the eye could see.

by pillarbox


Picking the Right Umbrella for You
There are quite a number of fabulous umbrellas and parasols that Neopians can use to customize their pets.

by xapplecrumble


Top 10 NC Mall Key Quest Tokens
My top 10 NC Mall Key Quest tokens and their respective neocash bonus items.

by honeybee54321


With Many Faces: Part Two
I was gone before Marlene could finish wishing me luck. Or rather, she was gone. The room was exactly the same—except the door was closed, and there was no Marlene in sight.

by encroached


Faerie Wings: The Fate of Kira - Part Four
Ardore just scoffed. "You do realize that this is your faerie quest, right?" she wondered.

Kira felt her face grow warm. "I was just hoping for some help, that's all."

by downrightdude

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