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Turning Pages - Part 7

Also, if you could please tone down the sparkle aura, thanks.

by jupebox
Top Five Reasons Why Not to Give a High Five - #1


Also by cevierakasky

by centrifugeuse

Angela #4

Something has happened!

by black_words
What's in a Name?

Oh, the perils of being a Kadoatie!

by minkpink
Very Berry: Mine Madness

Isn't the dubloon the other way?

by berryseed
Catty~ Why to NOT Have a Fluffy Pet!

Oh boy, it's bright purple, too.

by kittenstealth
The Snowager

Why won't he fall asleep?

by luiten597
Cavities: Age Matters

Empty again!

by thegoddesofxweetok1
When Learning To Restock

Expectation VS. Reality...

Also by fia_tje

by roxanna203


A nail-clipper a day keeps the space faerie away.

by nausicaa1992
Title In Question

Silly mammals, fish are immune to your petty pranks.

by catcloud9
Results May Vary: Healing Springs

At least she gives you something!

by return_of_itsy
Cola Caper

I don't even want to know what's in there.

by reppot
From a Korbat's Point of View

Except the stand you have it on isn't edible. It's made of wood....

by goodie2277
Mysteries of Kreludor

So many flavours. I wonder how they taste?

by rory321363
(IN)SANE- Neocola

Okay, if everything you read in Neopia vanishes into smoke, how do you know what to buy?

by rocksockgirl95
Don't Judge a Neopet by its Color!

Are they classmates or graduates from the 1900's?

by x_mystichorse_x
What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Less common side effects: increased affection from petpets, coconut shy addiction, and dark faerie curses.

by lilkittie080
In the Daily Dare Music Room...

Some people will hate me but... secretly I'm a massive Chadley fan!

by fudging
Locked Up!

Maybe being locked up isn't so bad after all...?

Idea by capricornous

by kiwilovesbigbang

He's Still There...

Better keep your guards up; HE's still sround...

by dysinthi
Dinner with the Scarlets: Scheming Chadley

Lurking is just yet another one of Chadley’s talents.

by june_scarlet
Chadley! The Aftermath

I have a friend I'm worried about.

by firedevil_x
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"School, Slippers and Spills" by queen_potema
The first thing I did at 5:45 AM was roll over in order to savagely encourage my alarm clock into silence. Whose idea was it anyway to start Neoschool at 8 AM sharp? Did these people not have baby Neopets? Did they not understand the concept of 'rest'? Obviously not, because here I was, half awake at 5:47 AM, cursing the day I chose...

Other Stories


Sunset Shopping
She idly ruffled through her long hair with her fingers before yawning. "Hunter, do ya think we could actually, I dunno, do something this year?"

by mecha_fang


Allker's Important Lesson
It was the first rainy day we'd had all summer in the Darigan Citadel. I was so sick of the sun and the heat- and I couldn't even enjoy the view of the rain from my own room, since I had no windows.

by hamzandrilez


Obelisk Boons: A Guide
Unfortunately, you can only pick one. So, which option is the best? It all depends on what your goals are as a Neopian.

by jellyftw


Chasing Your Way To A Chariot Chase Trophy
Chase your dreams and earn a Chariot Chase trophy!

by quiggles_r_kewl_1


The Old Switcheroo: Part Seven
Dear Diary,

(Hi by the way, I see that I've never called you Dear Diary before and I apologise, I should really be nicer to you and to people in general instead of scowling all the time.)

by liouchan


Chronicles of a Caped Crusader: Against All Odds - Part Six
Most of the Defenders Headquarters would be located underground. It made it safer in case Nefarious ever decided to attack the building directly. The main communication and computer hub would be on the top floor, but there would be an auxiliary on the final level...

by kristykimmy

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