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Turning Pages - Part 5

So are inanimate objects and people with whom I cohabit.

by jupebox
Apple Time!

My Grarrl Bob!

by larenchan
Road to Fame - Maggie's Idea (Conclusion)

Lesson learned?

by emmilou123
Top Five Reasons Why Not to Give a High Five - #3

It's sticky.

Also by cevierakasky

by centrifugeuse

Angela #2

I don't have a pretty smile.

by black_words

Be careful with your words.

by twillieblossom
In a Parallel Universe - Part 1

Uh oh.

by pilicaracer
Spectrum of Randomness: Hugs

Yurbles are so furry, hugging them each day is a wonderful routine! Unless your Yurble is a Snow Yurble.

by sweetly_saltine
Ladder Disaster

And thus Plessi almost found out her bells could also get rung as well.

Also by patjade

by saiyamewomen

The Warning Sign of a Shopaholic

How's that?

by heartless_1995
Squid Slippers - Grundo Fanatic

Why do you become a raging maniac?

by cosmicfire918
Infinite Laughs (Volume 5)

It's complicated...

by _x_bjork_x_

Wait... what happened in his fishing comic?

by rocksockgirl95
Love is Blind


by alex9292
Yooyu Blues

I can't believe it!

Idea by christinehmackay

by lastavenger

Collectible or Not

Time for a nap!

by nanakagi
The Water Faerie Being Very 'Helpful'

Sometimes the Healing Springs are not quite a good solution for a hurt Neopet...

by demilius
TAA: Monocerous

Oh dear. This could get pretty ugly...

by adventurer261
Boons Are Great

...For a little while...

by ghostie_of_the_fc
How Relic Pets are Made


Also by _white_spirit_

by iluvmeezerkatz

Pizza Cutter - Toys

Even plushies like plushies.

by nenowat
Expectation vs. Reality

Something has happened!

by kiwilovesbigbang
Random Oddness: The Chadpocalypse #2

Not quite, fellas.

by mistyqee
Talk About Random

We're not dead, I swear!

by buizelmaniac
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"A Treatise of Departures" by antique_bird
To begin, you never cared for company. Pretentious socialites in the face of existence, you always said. You maintain that you don't have time for friends. Perhaps you meant it at the time. Perhaps you knew, preemptively, that she would leave you, and that you would forget, just for a while, so you wouldn't have to acknowledge the heavy, hollow feeling in your heart. (Of course...)

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The Odd Life of a Traveling Meepit
It was about time Meepits were recognized differently. Enjoy!

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A Treatise of Departures
To begin, you never cared for company. Pretentious socialites in the face of existence, you always said.

by antique_bird


Stocking Your Shop Easily and Cheaply
Running a shop is hard. Running a *successful* shop is even harder.

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Top 12 Items for Arts-tastic Customisation
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Rogue and Rover: Part Five
Rahm was clearly intent on being a knight in shining armor, despite the fact that the little fire Korbat was small enough that Kanrik could beat him in a fight with one hand tied behind his back...

by saphira_27


Swayed: Part Two
"Now the whole city is on high alert." She paused before going on. "I've spent half the night trying to think of how to tell the Duchess that we messed up."

by racerfishy

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