Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 190,724,349 Issue: 576 | 4th day of Sleeping, Y15
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Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: Sloth

Hey, listen to this!

by shamaela
Muckla and the Hat Hunt #3

Letting the hat choose its owner might have been a good idea. If hats could talk. Or move.

by lovisa966
Lab Rat Blues #3


by garfmaj
Oh Space Faerie! #3

I can take a break!

by saiyukii
Journey of a Woodland Spirit Part V

And yet in that quiet still forest...

by paws265
Heights and Weights

That time when you compare the heights and weights of two pets and you realized it just doesn't make any sense!

by hideri
Use Your Imagination

What's tasty, fluffy, and does twelve hit points of damage?

by shadowstrand
Family Time - Boochi


by just_smile_its_easy
The Ever Polite Balthazar


by leaflunch
How Nifty

Not so secret fear!

by kirimiso
Happy New Year!

Costume Party

Idea by magnetismo

by cevierakasky

Completely Smart- Don't Quit your Day Job


by ms_meepit

Ugga-Ugga might not be that bad.

by kungenavmaskrosor
The Goofers - A Makeover, final

Somebody teach the kid what a wig is!

by lintsuf
Pink + Black

Turn that frown upside down!

by riurisu
Adopted Adventures

Claws this beautiful don't come naturally.

by quichepie
On a Thin Line: Samuel No Eyes

Him again? Really?

by silvergullmon77
Santa's Secret Helpers, 4 of 4


Written by tmarks

by izzywizard

Neopian Misadventures

The Perils of Hesitation

by carilor
Mustache Wax


Also by bubblequartz

by breakingchains

Snow Sludgy

Brought to you by the Petpet Protection League.

by sunarel
3 royals plus 1


by white_tiger0226
Amikarashui #20

Closet Calamities Part 4

by bluecloud300
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Gnorbu Shearing Day

It is the sixth day of Sleeping, Gnorbu Shearing Day! Regardless of where they are, Neopia Central, Kreludor or Shenkuu, owners all over the worlds gather this day to trim their Gnorbus. Admittedly, they do need a fair bit of trimming after the cold winter Month of Collecting as their fur gets knotted...

Other Stories


The Hunter
"You have the right to remain silent, Balthazar," one of the Chia cops said.

The blue Lupe growled darkly...

by spotlightstarzafara


The Prince
Your patience wore thin.

You escaped.

by itzigurl


Click Goes the (Gnorbu) Shears
Our Gnorbus are ready to greet the New Year in their glossy new manes after the shearing!

by 4g0tt3n4ng3l


Draik and Potatoes
Loathe that Potato...

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo


The Vitruvian Wizard: Part Four
"And they thought they would find him in a sealed bank vault?" the Judge asked.

"He is a talking skull," Bungle clarified.

by herdygerdy


The Travels of a Would-Be Knight: Part One
One of the reasons most Neopians preferred the new portal system over sailing for traveling, Roxias decided, was that if they just transported themselves to another land they wouldn't have to worry about turning into petsicles while traveling during the winter.

by daniecelpines

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